After He Lost His Home and Declared Bankruptcy, He Took a Job as a Janitor. But He Found Out Something HUGE That Gave Him a Whole New Path


When the recession hit, Michael Vaudreuil and his wife were suddenly down on their luck. In 2007, Michael’s plastering business went under, and he lost his house, his business, and even his car. Frustrated, he took the only job that was available to him: working as a custodian at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA.

While there's no shame in doing an honest job--and doing whatever it takes to support your family--Michael’s heart just wasn't in his new line of work. That is, until he found out a major perk that came along with it.

Employees at WPI could take free classes, and since Michael liked to work with his hands, he started with a mechanical engineering class. Something clicked--and now, he's done something that has everyone talking.

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After eight years of studying while tending to his full-time job as a janitor, this 54-year-old man graduated from the college with a degree in mechanical engineering. He even wore a mortarboard during the ceremony that read, “Old dog has new tricks.”

What an awesome way to celebrate an amazing accomplishment!

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