Dad Dresses Baby for Daycare, Forgets One Tiny But Hugely Important Thing


Oh, the joys of parenting. When one dad dropped his daughter off at daycare, it seems that he thought everything was fine. But when mom caught sight of her daughter later that day, she knew something was majorly wrong.

Wrong in terms of baby fashion, that is. Brooke Hawley-Basso realized right away that her daughter was missing an important piece of her outfit: Her shirt!

Her husband, Jeremy, had dressed the adorable tot in overalls--which he didn't think required a shirt underneath them. So the amused mom started a text exchange with Jeremy, who had to admit his ignorance.

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Then, she took things a step further by posting both the photo of her shirtless daughter AND the hilarious text exchange onto Ellen Degeneres’ Facebook page--and now, EVERYONE is cracking up!

That's one Daddy wardrobe fail for the books! But if you scroll through the comments, you'll see that Jeremy is far from the only Dad who's made such a ridiculous blunder.

We just can't stop laughing!

via ForEveryMom.com

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