He Helped a Harried Mom Pay for Her Groceries. When She Tracked Him Down to Thank Him, She Got News That Changed Her Life

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In November 2015, mom Jamie-Lynn Knighten had an amazing chance encounter at the grocery store checkout line. After she realized that she left her debit card at home, while carrying several groceries and a crying baby, a kind stranger named Matthew Jackson paid her entire grocery bill. He said he was happy to do it for her as long as she did it for someone else. It changed her day, but little did she know it would soon change her life.

Inspired to share Jackson's kindness and repay him for it, Knighten tracked him down at his workplace. When she explained the situation to his manager, the manager began crying and said that Jackson had been tragically killed in a car accident less than 24 hours after his good deed.

Knighten shared her heartbreak in a Facebook post, writing, "I thought for sure I would get the chance to see him again, give him a hug and thank him at least once more in person. Now I won't get that chance, but more importantly no one else will get the chance to meet him."

But after receiving so much support from her followers, she decided to start a project called "Matthew's Legacy," asking other people to "pay it forward" in Matthew's honor. So far, the project's Facebook page includes charity and donation suggestions, posts about other random acts of kindness, and inspiring quotes. What a beautiful way to commemorate a man who changed a life—and perhaps help change others' lives too!

My beautiful Matthew Matthew Brent Jackson

Posted by LeeAnn Johnson Krymow on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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