She Never Asked for Money, But When He Found Out Why She's Homeless, He Gave Her Something WAY More Valuable

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While going through our daily routine, we run into the same people, rarely stopping to greet any of them. One Florida man decided to get to know a woman along his usual route, and their exchange ended up changing both their lives in an unexpected way.

Greg Smith, 25, used Facebook to introduce the world to Amy Joe, a homeless woman whom he passed every day on his way to work in downtown Orlando. In the now-viral post below, Smith wrote that Amy Joe never once asked him for money; she'd simply say, "Good morning, Sir. Have a great day. God bless!"

The woman's kindness struck a chord with Smith, which led the two to have lunch together every Tuesday. "For 30 minutes to an hour, I get to hear how positive she is even though she really has nothing," wrote Smith.

It was during one of their lunches that the account executive learned something shocking about Amy Joe--she didn't know how to read. Sacrificing food, she'd spend any money she had on library books to try to teach herself to read.

"Amy Joe does not smoke, drink, have a drug addiction, or anything to that nature," Smith wrote. "She simply just never had anyone teach her how to read." So, Smith is doing just that. The two now sit together once a week and read.

But that's not all: Smith even started a GoFundMe page that's already collected more than $2,000 for what he's named the "Amy Joe Foundation."

"I want to be to be able to help anybody, whether it be giving them some food or clothes," Smith told ABC News.

See a heartwarming clip of the two below.

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