Yes, This Is Real! You Can Now Own a Small Part of Princess Diana's Wedding

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If there’s only one word we could never imagine applying to Princess Diana (there are many more), it would be “bridezilla,” though a recent item coming up for auction does reveal one peculiarity of the beloved figure: she had a thing for wedding cake.

Diana and Prince Charles actually had a staggering total of 27 different wedding cakes, according to All Things Princess Diana, the official one of which took a back-aching 14 weeks for the head baker to complete. He even crafted a backup--just in case. But it’s the official one that the history books will remember, and of which you could own a slice.

That’s right. A slice of the 14-week cake in its original box, complete with a greeting card is up for auction for the jaw-dropping price of $1,100--unless you have some stiff competition in the bidding process. Though you won’t be partaking in this piece, at least you can set it up for display as your own little slice of history.

via Delish.com

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