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“I’m a Bra Expert And These Easy Tweaks Can Help You Look 10 Years Younger”: Best Bras for Saggy Breasts

A good bra can be surprisingly hard to find. There are many different styles out there, and not all of them work for every body type. If you’re trying to find a bra that conceals your flaws, you’re in luck. We helped four Woman’s World readers bust out of their bra ruts with easy, figure-flattering fixes, and gathered expert tips for making sure you choose a bra that works beautifully with your body. A well-fitting bra can boost your confidence and make any outfit look like a million bucks. Whether you’re looking for the best bras for plus size saggy breasts or a minimizer bra that does more than just compress, there’s a perfect bra out there for you.

Saggy breasts? Lift them with full coverage molded cups.

As we get older, breast tissue is replaced by looser skin and denser fat, causing once-full, perky breasts to lose their shape and droop — dragging our confidence right down with them. These changes are triggered by “everything from weight fluctuations and gravity to changes in breast density as menopause kicks in, causing firmer breast tissue to be replaced with heavier fat,” says bra expert Elisabeth Dale, founder of The Breast Life. To restore them to their youthful glory, look for a bra with preformed cups (they create a fuller, more natural shape), a shelf-like construction, thick lining on the bottom (to prop up “the ladies”) and wide-set straps (to distribute and hold weight for additional lift).

Woman's World reader Katya Dmitriev before and after
Katya DmitrievVictoria Janashvili

Back fat? Smooth it with a tank bra.

Woman's World reader Laura Johnson before and after
Laura JohnsonVictoria Janashvili

“The band is responsible for 90% of a bra’s breast support, as it relies on the tension in back to lift the ladies in front,” says expert Jené Luciani, author of The Bra Book: An Intimate Guide to Finding the Right Bra, Shapewear, Swimsuit, and More! (Buy from Amazon, $20). But the resulting back-band squeeze causes rolls to form above and below it. The fix? A tank bra. Rather than a standard band design, the back is made with shaping fabric that spans from shoulders to just above the waist, spreading tension more evenly while also smoothing lumps and bumps. Plus, with molded cups that give added lift and shape in front, the bra ensures 360 degrees of gorgeous!

One We Like: Shapeez The Tankee Short Back Smoothing Bra (Buy from Amazon, $89)

One We Like: Soma Stunning Support Full Coverage Bra (Buy from Soma, $64)

Pit pudge? Erase it with a high side panel.

Woman's World reader Marina Bulatkina before and after
Marina BulatkinaVictoria Janashvili

Argh! It’s so frustrating when you slip into a tank or sleeveless dress only to see those little bulges peeking out under your arms. “Bulges near the armpits can occur when either a bra band is too tight or cups are too small — both squish breast tissue, leading to spillage over the bra’s side,” explains Luciani. What can help? First, go up a cup size, then choose a bra featuring a side panel — “The extra inch of fabric that extends along the band between the underwire and strap cleverly contains any lumps, so you’ll stay smooth even if your size ends up changing,” she says.

One We Like: Warner’s No Side Effects Underwire Bra (Buy from Amazon, $20)

Large chest? Try a stretchy minimizer.

Woman's World reader Julia Dalton-Brush before and after
Julia Dalton-BrushVictoria Janashvili

If you’re looking for the best bra for plus size saggy breasts, you might want to try a minimizer. The only problem is, while they’re great for making large breasts appear smaller, the constrictive fabric causes a pancake effect that leaves breasts looking more flat than fabulous. Luckily, the newest crop of minimizers is made with a nylon/spandex material, providing enough stretch in the cups to reduce the bustline by up to an inch without smushing it down. “Minimizers have come a long way from their compressing past,” says Luciani. Bonus: One with a sheer mesh lining lends extra support to lift breasts up and away from the middle to highlight the waist. “The stretch ensures breasts are fully covered and contained while also acting like a sling to pull the bust up and in for a smaller-looking yet shapely chest,” Luciani notes.

One We Like: Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer (Buy from Wacoal, $72)

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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