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This Small Addition Makes Grapes Taste Like a Popular Candy

Grapes are a delicious treat any time of year, but there’s something especially refreshing about popping one in your mouth on a hot summer day. Do you want to take your grape snacking to the next level? All you need is a little lime juice.

This tip comes from Natasha Fischer, the creator behind the popular Trader Joe’s List account that documents the best finds from the grocery chain. Recently, she spilled a little secret to getting the most out of cotton candy grapes, which are genetically altered green grapes that — you guessed it — taste just like that sickly sweet cotton candy you had growing up. While Fischer’s focused on getting hers from Trader Joe’s (per the theme of her page), you can get them in the summer at many common grocery stores. (See who carries them in your area here!) Her promise: By just throwing lime juice into the mix, you can make them taste like Sour Patch Kids.

Her instructions are simple. Buy cotton candy grapes, rinse them thoroughly, and cut them into halves with the flesh side up. Cut a wedge out of a lime and drizzle the juice on your grape halves. Voila, your candy-like treats are ready!

Given that Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy of all time, I had to try these out for myself. I grabbed a bag of cotton candy grapes and a few fresh limes from my local supermarket. I also added a bag of regular green grapes just to see the difference.

Once I got home, following Fischer’s instructions couldn’t have been easier, and in a matter of minutes, I had my Sour Patch Kids grapes ready to go. The verdict? She’s 100 percent correct: They have that simultaneous tangy-sweet taste of Sour Patch Kids, and I ate 15 of them in a row. I then tried her recipe out with my normal green grapes, and while they were a little more sour (since they don’t have the ultra-sweetness of the cotton candy variety), they were still delicious nonetheless. I’ll definitely be using both recipes as snacks year-round going forward. Plus I felt healthier getting in a serving of fruit, which I can’t do if I eat a bag of actual Sour Patch Kids!

It’s definitely a recipe worth making for yourself, and if you’re an absolute grape lover, you might want also to try Jamie Oliver’s favorite controversial grape pizza!

This article originally appeared on our sister site, First For Women.

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