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6 Simple Home Remedies to Regrow Thinning Hair and Restore Damaged Tresses

The grass, the flowers… everything is growing faster and thicker these days — and now your hair can too! While shedding increases as summer nears (because UV light slows the production of hair growth hormones), experts say these home remedies regrow thinning hair.

Fuzzy patches? Stop to stretch.

An extra flurry of spring activity (no matter how fun!) raises levels of the hair-thinning stress hormone cortisol. Luckily, University of Utah scientists say stretching the large muscles of your body — by arching your back or reaching for your toes — for 2 minutes each hour quashes cortisol release, speeding hair growth by as much as 75 percent.

Flaky scalp? Sweeten shampoo.

Washing your hair once daily with 10 drops of rosemary essential oil mixed into a dollop of Nizoral shampoo (Buy at Amazon, $9.99) banishes dandruff and reduces hair shedding, making strands look 35 percent thicker in three months. That’s the word from Belgian researchers, who say Nizoral’s ketoconazole destroys hair-sapping fungi, while rosemary oil soothes the scalp so hair can grow in fuller. You can also try these shampoos for thinning hair and dandruff.

Thinning strands? Try a deep sea remedy.

One secret to thick hair? Curbing a follicle-damaging form of testosterone called DHT, says dermatologist Ralph Trueb, M.D. And astaxanthin can help! This reddish pigment is formed by certain algae, and research in the Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy suggests taking 10 to 12 mg. daily reduces DHT production. This increases hair growth by up to 22 percent. One to try: Naomi Organic Astaxanthin ( Note: Check with a doctor before supplementing.

Dull locks? Bite into tuna tacos.

Eating three seafood meals weekly stops shedding plus adds shine, Australian scientists say. Dermatologist Sam Kim, M.D., explains seafood is rich in selenium, zinc and omega-3 fats — the building blocks follicles need to produce healthy, glossy strands.

Want to encourage hair growth? Sip tea.

Sipping two cups daily of horsetail tea, which tastes like strongly brewed green tea, increases hair thickness by up to 33 percent, Brazilian scientists say. The brew boasts silica, a hair-nourishing mineral that encourages healthier growth.

Damaged tresses? Do this weekly.

Once weekly, apply 2 Tbs. of coconut oil to damp hair; shampoo out after 30 minutes. Healthy fats strengthen strands, cutting breakage by up to 40 percent.

This story originally appeared in our print magazine.

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