Son Has Terrible Dream, Texts Mom And Gets Astonishing News


A couple of days ago, a Reddit user put out a call for people to submit the creepiest thing that had ever happened to them, paranormal or not. That prompted one user to submit the following story about a dream about his mom that had terrified him.

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One night, he dreamed he, his brothers, and his father were lowering his mom’s casket to the ground. He woke up crying. The next morning, he took time out from work to text her, telling her about his nightmare and that he loved her.

His mom texted back. She was “very much alive,” she said–and then told him she loved him too. But later on that day, he got a call from his dad. His mother had collapsed in the kitchen, and the ambulance was taking her to the hospital. She died that evening.

The silver lining, the poster wrote: “Thanks to that dream I was able to tell her I loved her and have her say it back to me one last time. I was the last person she texted.”

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Other people contributed stories. While none matched the first one, this one came close. One person’s grandmother had recently passed away, and the grandkids and family were gathered in the house where she lived with one of her daughters. As everyone talked and reminisced about the old lady, they heard the sound of a music box playing. Curious, they searched for the source of the sound, and found it in what had been the grandmother’s room. It was the grandmother’s old music box, which was stuck inside a drawer. The grandmother hadn’t touched it for years because the handle that wound up the music had been stuck. It was still stuck–even though it had just been playing.

These stories make us think there are events we just cannot explain.

via Reddit

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