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17 Kooky Cats Getting a Kick Out of Being in Boxes


Cats in boxes are some of our favorite cats to look at on the internet. There’s something so endearing about our own kitties getting such a kick out of a simple object, so it’s always fun to see other felines react the same exact way. Isn’t it funny how we buy all the toys in the world for our cats, and so many of them just keep returning to those empty boxes?

Why do cats like boxes?

As adorable as it is to watch cats enjoy boxes, it’s a bit confusing to us humans. But according to experts, it all has to do with a cat’s natural instincts. As you may be aware, our precious kitties would need to hunt for prey if they lived out in the wild. Luckily, they have easily accessible meals available in their food bowls, but that doesn’t mean their knack for hunting disappears because of that. According to Vetted Pet Care, a simple box offers them a prime opportunity to ambush prey — such as a mouse — if one were to suddenly appear.

However, a cat’s love for a box goes much deeper than a basic need for dinner; according to Catster, the security of a box might compare to the warmth a kitten first feels with his or her mother. Talk about a sweet blast from the past! And if you have a particularly shy cat, your furry friend may also see a box as a safe and comfortable place to retreat to. (Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if we humans could do that when we feel overwhelmed?) Although cats typically adore cardboard boxes, they’ve also been known to climb into suitcases, sinks, and a variety of other containers. Heck, some cats even gravitate toward a taped square on the floor. 

So is it a good thing for a cat to be in a box? Well, a Dutch study showed that shelter cats who had a hiding box experience reduced levels of stress when compared to cats who had no box to hide in. So not only is a box a fun toy for a cat, it might even protect their health in some cases. In other words, please let Fluffy make herself at home in your shoe box — just don’t expect her to come out anytime soon!

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