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21 Smiling Cats Who Know Exactly How Loved They Are


Smiling cats are some of our favorite cats in the world. There’s no better feeling than seeing your feline friend look so happy to be spending time with you. The best smiling cat pictures out there serve as beautiful reminders of what wonderful companions these little fur balls are — even on the days they drive us absolutely nuts.

The Best Smiling Cat Pictures

When you think about smiling cats, it’s nearly impossible for the Cheshire Cat not to come to mind. After all, the famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland character has such a huge grin that it’s simply unforgettable in pop culture. Considering that the Cheshire Cat was inspired by a British shorthair cat, it’s no shock that this specific breed is arguably the most well-known for having huge grins. But British shorthair cats aren’t the only kitties that can flash a great smile to humans. Cats of pretty much any breed can grin up a storm if the mood strikes them — and these pictures of smiling cats are all the proof you need.

Do you ever feel like your pet cat isn’t smiling enough at you? It’s worth keeping in mind that even though cats might not always smile in the same way that humans or even dogs do, that doesn’t mean they aren’t happy. Experts say cats usually show affection by blinking slowly toward their humans. It’s considered such a sweet gesture that it’s often known as the cat version of saying “I love you.” But if you’re really lucky, you might happen to catch your cat giving a human-like smile, like the ones on the happy cats in the photos below. Smiling cats are certainly a treat for anyone who needs a pick-me-up, so consider it a major win if you get your feline to blink slowly and smile at you at the same exact time — it means he or she utterly adores you!

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