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10 Sore Throat Remedies to Relieve Pain Fast


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In the throes of illness, there’s seemingly nothing quite so irritating as a sore throat. Typically identified by a feeling of pain and scratchiness accompanied by a difficulty to swallow, pharyngitis — the technical term for this painful condition — can really put a damper on your day. Thankfully, in many cases, it can easily be taken care of at home with one of the best over-the-counter remedies for a sore throat. Before we get to the solution, however, it helps to identify the problem: What the heck causes us to feel like our pharynx to feel like it’s on fire in the first place? 

What causes a sore throat?

Sore throats can be caused by a variety of things, but are often linked to the common cold. In fact, colds are the number one culprit of sore throat pain — but they’re not the only cause.

According to the Mayo Clinic, other causes of a sore throat may include allergies, dry air, strained muscles (that hoarse voice after a concert comes to mind), digestive disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and irritants such as smoke, alcohol, and spicy foods.  Luckily, whether your sore throat is a byproduct of an overarching virus or one of these other causes, there are tons of remedies available to make the pain disappear, fast.   

The Best Remedies for a Sore Throat

While the best remedies for a sore throat may involve antibiotics if your sore throat is caused by a bacterial infection, or good old fashioned hydration and rest in the event that it’s viral, there are a few ways you can help things along.

Whether you’re looking for one of the best cold medicines, a good cough drop to keep the painful scratching at bay, or a more natural way to treat your sore throat, there’s a solution out there for you. Keep scrolling to shop Woman’s World’s picks for the best sore throat remedies that will keep you feeling your best all year long. 

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