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Your Sleep Position Reveals Hidden Clues About Your Personality


So sleeping positions aren’t something we normally think about; we usually just wriggle around until we feel comfortable and proceed to fall asleep. But according to some body language experts, there could be a connection between the positions in which you sleep and certain personality traits. Read on to see what it means if you prefer curling up into a little ball before dozing off.

Sleeping on sideGetty Images

The fetus: If the shape of your sleep position resembles that of a baby in the womb, a common characteristics that describe you is tough but sensitive. You’re a conscientious person, which may be the root of your worries.

sleeping with arms outstretchedGetty Images

The yearner: Sleeping with your arms outstretched as if you’re reaching for something signifies that you are open-minded. You’re indecisive because you literally yearn for more in life. You want something more and you’re always on the lookout for it.

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sleeping with arms by your sideGetty Images

The solider: Arms by your side during sleep means you’re quite reserved. This standoffishness signifies your high standards, but because you’re so quiet people might think you’re a little bit cold. Whether or not that’s the case, you’re not a very dramatic person, so you would never find yourself in a conflict over your behavior.

sleeping with arms by your headGetty Images

The starfish: By sleeping with both of your arms up by your head, you reveal that you’re a good listener. You’re a great friend to have because you are oh-so helpful, and you aren’t about hogging the spotlight. No wonder you have so many friends!

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woman sleeping on stomachGetty Images

The freefall: Do you feel like you’re lacking control of your life? Then perhaps you sleep on your stomach with your face down. This sleeping position hints at your anxious nature. You are a brash and often extroverted person, but that might land you in some trouble.

While there’s no exact science behind your sleep position and personality traits, it’s nice to have a bit of fun and make predictions. Does yours ring true?

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