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This Delicious Tea Eases Postmenopausal Symptoms, Regulates Thyroid Hormones, and Boosts Brain Health

Sipping tea is a tasty way to boost your health, whether you love to drink it warm or chilled. Plus, there’s so many delicious blends and varieties to choose from! We recommend trying a particularly helpful brew called moringa tea. It’s been shown to tame postmenopausal symptoms, regulate thyroid function, and protect brain health!

This tea comes from leaves of the moringa drumstick tree (often called a “miracle tree”), which is native to India. It has an earthy flavor that’s similar to green tea and, as it turns out, many of the world’s oldest and healthiest people consume ​​moringa as part of their regular diet!

That longevity is likely due to moringa being full of antioxidants, including quercetin and chlorogenic acid. A study published in Journal of Food Science and Technology found it especially beneficial during postmenopause, when estrogen levels are low and causing symptoms like hot flashes, wrinkly skin, and mood swings. The researchers claim that a high intake of antioxidants can make up for that deficiency and keep those symptoms at bay. And what better way to get them than with a soothing cup of tea?

Moringa might also help with hyperthyroidism, which occurs when your thyroid is overproducing the thyroxine hormone and can result in brain fog, lack of sleep, and stubborn coughs. Research published in Pharmacological Research noted that consuming moringa extract helped maintain healthy thyroid hormone levels. Another study published in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity found that the antioxidants in moringa boosted brain health, too. By reducing oxidative stress, it was able to protect against age-related dementia and improve spatial memory.

Considering all of these incredible benefits, moringa tea is basically the ultimate anti-aging beverage! You can find it in grocery stores and online (Buy on Amazon, $6.99). Brew yourself a cup, add your favorite sweetener, and sip your way to better health!

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