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How to Look 10 Years Younger for $10 or Less


The Fountain of Youth doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you just have to know what products to pick up at your local drugstore. Find our favorite dermatologist-approved, age-defying and totally affordable items for you hair and skin below. 

Heal cracked hands with a soothing balm.

The thick consistency of glycerin-infused Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($4.50, Amazon) makes it perfect for the parched skin on hands, says dermatologist Kenneth Mark, MD. “It not only restores hydration, but it’s long-lasting, protecting skin through multiple hand washings.” Plus, it contains anti-inflammatory chamomile extract to help soothe dry, inflamed skin. Use twice a day for more hydrated hands in two weeks.

Banish “bacne” with a body wash.

A natural way to eradicate blemishes? Cleanse skin with Jason Purifying Tea Tree Body Wash ($8.44, Amazon). Infused with skin-soothing anti-bacterial tea tree oil, the gentle lather washes away any dirt and oil on the body and kills acne-causing bacteria without inflaming sensitive skin, explains Dr. Mark. Use three times a week for clearer skin in two weeks.

Volumize hair with a stimulating shampoo.

Finer strands get a big boost with a caffeine-infused shampoo like Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine Ginseng Shampoo ($7.89, Amazon). In fact, a recent study found caffeine to be just as effective at increasing the growth phase of the hair cycle as minoxidil. How it works: The stimulant boosts circulation in the scalp, which delivers growth-encouraging nutrients to follicles. Use three times a week for thicker tresses within 30 days.

Soften skin with baby oil.

No need for pricey creams when Johnson’s Baby Oil ($4.92, Amazon) can do the trick! It’s made of mineral oil, which absorbs quickly into skin while still acting as a barrier to prevent much-needed moisture from escaping, says Dr. Mark. Plus, the easily spreadable oil ensures a little goes a long way, making it perfect for covering larger surface areas like arms and legs. Tip: Apply within three minutes of stepping out of the shower, when skin is most receptive to hydration. Use after every shower for silky skin in three weeks.

Erase crow’s-feet with petroleum jelly.

When applied to skin, petroleum jelly like Vaseline ($6.09, Amazon) creates a film that traps moisture in the upper layers of the skin’s surface, which plumps lines and fills in wrinkles, says Dr. Mark. “And its thick, nonirritating formula makes it ideal for the delicate skin around the eyes.” Dab a pea-sized amount around eyes nightly before bed for tauter skin in two weeks.

Turn back the clock with a free “facial.”

Just like a spa facial, exercising your face boosts circulation so oxygen and nutrients reach skin cells, stimulating collagen and elastin production for firmer skin. An easy two-step move: Cover teeth with your lips and make an O with your mouth. With teeth covered, smile as wide as you can; release. Repeat six times. Next, hold the smile, tilt your head back and move your jaw up and down twice. Do once a day for results in one month.

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