12 Best Weight Loss Products to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

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When the sun's out, and the hotter temps have us swapping our favorite jeans and sweaters for shorts and tank tops, it may be hard not to notice those few unwanted winter pounds still hanging around. (Hey, we’ve all been there.) Remember, it’s never too late to tone and shape up for the remainder of summer. After all, we have many more weeks to go! But we all could use some help, right? 

We took to Amazon to find some of the most effective health and fitness products out there that will rev up your weight loss and help you eat leaner and cleaner. See below the best budget weight loss products that will get you summer-ready in no time! There are a bunch of deals you can score on Prime Day.

How does Amazon Prime Day work?

This year, Amazon Prime Day starts on Monday, July 15 at midnight PT and — for the first time ever — runs a full 48 hours through Tuesday, July 16. It's a holiday created by the giant online retailer Amazon. Its purpose is to celebrate Amazon's birthday by providing deals and sales on all sorts of products across the site. Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon Prime customers. So if you're not already a member, it's worth signing up for! (You can even get a 30-day free trial.) Free two-day shipping practically makes the membership worth it in itself.

Once you're a Prime member, you can shop the special sales and deals that Amazon has going on over the course of two days. Each deal lasts for only a couple hours and has a limited supply, so it's best to jump on them before it's too late. We'll have updated deals here that you can shop directly so you won't miss out. You can find deals on all categories of Amazon products from baby products and fashion to home decor and appliances. Expect to score some fabulous beauty deals on Prime Day as well!

Check out the best Amazon Prime Day deals for fitness and weight loss below. 

1. Best Workout Tracker

Fitbits add a little extra oomph to any workout by tracking your stats such as calories burned, steps walked, and flights of stairs taken. This pretty slate gray color matches with any outfit, including your workout gear. You can set alarms and check the app that complements the watch to get more data and even connect with friends and challenge each other.

Where to buy: $149.95 $89.95, Amazon

2. Best Workout Machine on Amazon

Who needs a gym membership when you can get several different types of workouts done at home on one machine? This Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer is an effecient way to burn fat and tone muscles. There are 22 programs and 20 levels of resistance, as well as built-in console speakers that you can hook your music player up to. It's a fabulous way to stay comfortable at home while still staying fit. Oh, and did we mention it comes with free assembly?

Where to buy: $999 $699.99, Amazon

3. Best Budget Multivitamin for Women on Amazon

Amazon's Solimo Women's One daily Multivitamin Multimineral Supplement is an easy way to get your nutrients in all year long thanks to the supply of 365 tablets. There are 21 vitamins and minerals to ensure every inch of your being will be thriving and healthy.

Where to buy: $16.59 $11.61, Amazon

4. Best Multivitamin and Probiotic for Women's Health

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women's Raw Whole Food Vitamin Supplement is a vegetarian vitamin with probiotics that will make sure you have all your bases covered. That's important when you're on your health and wellness journey! It's specially formulated with vitamins D and E, plus folate, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and other nutrients for women. Plus, if you spend $60 or more on vitamins during Prime Day, you'll receive $20 off.

Where to buy: $52.54 $49.91, Amazon

5. Best Workout Leggings on Amazon

No matter the exercises you're doing, these workout leggings will stretch and bend comfortably while you move. The compression fabric helps support proper circulation and prevents muscles from tiring out too early. They're also made to prevent chafing and slipping, so the only thing you need to worry about during your workout is staying hydrated.

Where to buy: $13.99 $89.99, Amazon

6. Best Supplement for Hormones and Weight Loss

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a chemical naturally produced by your adrenals. But when those glands have been stressed and overworked it's hard for them to function correctly and produce this important chemical. This in turn can lead to hormonal imbalances. Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength DHEA 50 mg Supplement is perfect for restoring those levels, which can help you lose weight, support mental clarity, and boost your mood. It's a good choice to keep this handy in your vitamin cabinet.

Where to buy: $15.75 $10.68, Amazon

7. Best Prime Day Running Shoe Deal

Adidas’ Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe is made for comfort. Right now, you can score this shoe for 30 percent off! Reviewer Madeline De Pau says these shoes are perfect for everyday use or for going to the gym. She writes, “Love Adidas Cloudfoams! Before this style of shoe, I had an ankle that'll act up every now and then. Now, I only have pain when I wear non supporting shoes and standing around all day. These shoes are a super comfy fit and make my large feet look slender. I use these as my gym tennis but I have used them as my day to day wear and they feel perfect!”

Where to buy: $70.00 $48.97, Amazon

8. Best Prime Day Health Testing Kit Deal

The 23andMe DNA Test will do more than just reveal your ancestry. With the Health + Ancestry bundle, you’ll also receive information about your genetic health risks and wellness traits, like your genetic predisposition for weight and deep sleep. This may help you develop a fitness and health routine that suits you the best.

Where to buy: $299.00 $99.99, Amazon

9. Best Resistance Bands for Weight Loss

Boost your workout with a set of resistance bands that will challenge you and help you mix up your routine every now and then. This Free Dreamer Resistance Bands Set comes with five stackable exercise bands, four resistance loop bands for yoga, fitness anchor attachements, leg and ankle straps, and an exercise guide. They're easy to tote around whether you're getting your exercise in at home, at the park, or at the gym.

Where to buy: $25.97 $20.77, Amazon

10. Best Yoga Mat on Amazon Prime

The Youphoria Yoga Premi-OM Yoga Mat makes meditation, yoga, and pilates much comfier. Its thick cushioning provides a no-slip grip, so sweat and water won't interfere with your practice. It weighs only two and a half pounds and comes with a carrying strap, so you can take it wherever you go. Yoga in the tropics, anyone?

Where to buy: $57 $37, Amazon

11. Best Work Desk for Weight Loss

Office jobs make it hard to stay fit and feel healthy. Sitting all day is uncomfortable and can lead to stiff muscles and a more sedentary lifestyle. Whether you're working from home or have a choice of desk at your office, this FLEXISPOT Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike makes getting in cardio a little easier. The stationary bike style allows you to stay seated, but you can start moving your legs when you feel restless. It's the perfect solution to your nine-to-five routine.

Where to buy: $499.99 $349.99, Amazon

12. Best Weight Loss Supplement

Probiotics are one supplement you should be taking whether you're on a weight loss journey or not. Studies suggest that it can aid in digestion and help restore the good bacteria in your stomach. Take one veggie capsule once a day with a meal. As always, talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement or medication.

Where to buy: $14.29 $10, Amazon

Amazon Prime Day — the one-day-only global discount shopping event available ONLY to Amazon Prime members — is here! (Not a Prime Member? It’s your first step to getting in on the best Prime Day deals.)

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