Clever Pup Created a Peephole so He Could Watch His Neighbor Dogs Play

Whenever Melody Eby peeked outside at her loving pups, she noticed that she wasn’t the only one staring. Not too long after Eby and her husband moved into their new home in South Bend, Indiana, the couple realized their neighbor’s dog liked peeking through their chain-link fence to watch Eby’s dogs Fuzz and Maui play in the yard.

Unfortunately for the neighbor’s dog, Eby and her husband decided to replace the old chain-link fence with a new tall, sturdy wooden one, which meant no more peeping for the little pup next door — or so she thought.

The curious pooch began digging a hole underneath Eby’s new fence so he could continue watching Fuzz and Maui play, and each day, the hole got a little bigger.

“I was out with the dogs playing one day and I just did a double take,” Eby told The Dodo. “I saw two little eyes poking out from underneath the fence looking up at us.”

As soon as Fuzz found out he and Maui weren’t the only canines out there, he decided to follow the next door neighbor’s dog’s lead by digging on his side of the fence, too. The hole eventually got deep enough for the pup next door to fit his entire head underneath.


(Photo Credit: Melody Eby)

Even though Eby has never met the other dog’s owner, she said she’s sure he’s just as sweet as her pups are. The pooch has even left little chew toys underneath the fence for her dogs to play with.

“Every so often, Fuzz will come inside with a toy we’ve never seen before,” Eby said. How cute!

We hope Eby’s dogs get to have a play date with the neighbor’s pup soon. We’re sure it’d be the cutest pupper-introduction ever!

Next, meet Uggie — a dog who’s decided to retire from showbiz — in the video below:

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