Man Rescues Two Puppies Abandoned in the Middle of the Desert

When Los Angeles resident Jordan Kahana decided to take a road trip, he had no idea he was about to have the adventure of a lifetime. It all started while Kahana was driving to the Grand Canyon and came across two small fur balls in the road โ€” which turned out to be two adorable abandoned puppies.

Struck by the fact that someone would leave two cute puppies all by their lonesome in the middle of an Arizona desert, Kahana rushed to the nearest vet’s office. There, a vet told him that although the puppies were severely dehydrated, they’d be just fine.

“It was a surreal moment, but the best year of my life since,” Kahana told ABC News today.

Now, he, Zeus, and Sedona travel the world together. So far, the inseparable trio have traveled more than 30,000 miles and covered 35 different states, from Washington D.C. to Chicago to Austin, Texas.

“Getting to adventure with these guys, doing cross-country road trips, seeing national parks, having dogs with you at all times has just been truly a life-changing experience for me,” Kahana said.

Since their rescue, Kahana has created an Instagram account dedicated to the pups’ adventures, which he calls the Adventure Squad. The photos are priceless โ€” and it looks like all three are having the time of their lives! Kahana shares his experience not just to delight other dogs fans, but to inspire others about the importance of animal adoption.

“I couldn’t encourage enough for others to adopt as well,” he said. “I look forward to where our adventures take us.”

We can only imagine the fun Kahana, Zeus, and Sedona will have in the years to come!

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