Scared Senior Dog Is Trapped 5 Days in Muddy Riverbank Before Rescuers Pull Her Out


A poor, injured pooch named Ginger was recently saved from a treacherous riverbank in Lawrence County, Kentucky, five days after she’d disappeared.

Darrell Perkins, the brother of Ginger’s owner, miraculously found her alive and struggling in a mud pit on April 25. Perkins said on a Facebook post that he was getting ready to head to work when he suddenly heard frantic howling. Although Perkins thought his sister’s beloved 13-year-old dog was as good as gone, he decided to investigate the scene anyway. That’s when he found Ginger caked in mud at the bottom of a riverbank. As soon as Perkins’ eyes met Ginger’s sorrowful stare, he began to panic.

“She had been there since Friday,” Perkins wrote in a Facebook post. “I’m thankful that the river hadn’t raised a couple feet, or she would have drowned. I didn’t know what to do, so I called my neighbor Mitchell McCoy, and I called Johnny Rickman the dog warden for Lawrence County [and] he came right away.”

It looks like Ginger was found just in time! As soon as the dog warden and Perkins’ neighbor arrived, they went to work. Rickman put on a safety harness and made his way down the slippery slope. He maneuvered Ginger out of the tight spot while McCoy held the rope steady.

Almost immediately after the rescue, Ginger was taken to the Tri-county Animal Clinic for treatment. Although the poor dog had broken her leg in the riverbank, she still acted like the same ol’ Ginger everyone knows and loves. Ginger was a shelter pup before she found her forever home with Brenda Osborne, Perkins’ sister, in 2006. Since then, the family has considered her one of the grandkids.

Ginger the Lab

(Photo Credit: Darrell Perkins)

“When he says, ‘Brenda I found Ginger,’ I still thought something had happened to her, until he says, ‘And she’s alive,'” Osborne told WSAZ3. “‘I found her on the riverbank.’ I just couldn’t believe it. I could get nothing done at work, believe me.”

Ginger’s story is nothing short of a miracle, that’s for sure. So many people were taken by the sweet tale that Perkins’ Facebook post has been viewed more than 54,000 times. We’re so happy Ginger is in good hands. Hopefully she’ll make a quick recovery!

If you thought this story was a tearjerker, wait until you see these owners reuniting with their pooches.

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