Meet Charlie, The Adorable Dog Who Feels Guilty for Digging in the Trash


Human beings aren’t perfect— and neither are our pets. Every now and then, our furry best friends wreak a little bit of havoc and do something they aren’t so proud of, like chewing up a favorite pair of shoes or chomping down on an unknown item before we can fully comprehend what’s in their mouths. But when they seem immediately remorseful, they leave us no room but to forgive them — like in the case of one lovable labrador, Charlie Atkinson.

Bubba and Sam Atkinson, Charlie’s owners, came home Monday to surprise the six-year-old dog with a swimming trip, one of her favorite activities, when they discovered the trash can had been emptied and rifled through. The sweet girl had “opened the pull-out trash can and had gone through some of the garbage. We always get worried that she could eat something bad for her,” said Bubba. What followed had the Internet cheering for the adorable Charlie — and that’s because Bubba began to record the interrogation between man and man’s best friend for his Twitter followers, who are also big fans of the platinum pooch.

When he asks her about the incident in question, Charlie slowly creeps her way into the room, hesitating all the way in. She sits down obediently before finally looking up at Bubba — and those big brown eyes say it all. It was obvious that Charlie was indeed the culprit of the trash can vandalism (though luckily she hadn’t eaten anything that would harm her). “I called her over and you can see that she felt bad for what she had done!” said Bubba. If you watch the clip below, you can see exactly what he means.

After watching the video, Twitter users rallied behind Charlie, with several commenting, “Free Charlie!” and others going to bat for the mischievous labrador, rejecting the claim of hrt guilt. Many refused to believe Charlie was behind the emptying of the trash can; after all, no one else was there to say she did it!

Oh, but who could ever punish that adorable face? The Atkinsons certainly couldn’t, even after Charlie “confessed.” “We gave her plenty of the love she constantly deserves,” said Bubba. They ended up taking her swimming anyway — where, according to her owners, “she had an incredible afternoon.” Charlie even thanked her supporters by showing the internet her favorite toy.

Her owners describe Charlie as “a truly special dog” (obviously!), who is “very expressive.” She’s a huge part of the family, even becoming the subject of the Atkinsons’ wedding hashtag, #CharlieGetsAMom. Bubba sometimes even takes her to work.

Bubba Atkinson reports Charlie enjoying her newfound viral fame. With over 30,000 retweets and hundreds hopping to her defense, why wouldn’t she be?

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