Meet Moose, The Snoring Support Dog Who’s Here to Brighten Your Day


Have you ever woken yourself up with your own snoring? Be honest. We’ve definitely jolted up out of bed after hearing a loud noise — totally convinced there’s an intruder — just to realize that the loud noise came from, unfortunately, our own faces. It’s embarrassing, but it happens to the best of us. And that’s how we feel about poor ol’ Moose, a mixed-breed emotional support dog who was unceremoniously awoken by his own snores. Even more unfortunate for Moose? His mom, Alexis Waclawski, caught the whole (hilarious) thing on tape.

Originally, Waclawski wanted to catch Moose’s sweet smile while he slept, so the video starts with a very familiar scene: a comfy pup who’s totally relaxed and happy in his deep, deep slumber. Moose is sleeping so peacefully, in fact, that his mouth is wide open and he’s snoring like an old man.

About seven seconds into the video, Moose jerks awake, his eyes fluttering open and his tongue flying out of his mouth. While we know Moose’s struggle in waking up so suddenly from such a deep sleep like that, we can’t help but giggle at his goofy startled reaction.

Waclawski shared the hilarious video on Twitter — click on the play button below to see the clip (we dare you not to laugh!):

Twitter isn’t normally a place where people agree on much, but if there’s one thing thousands of Twitter users can agree on, apparently it’s that Moose’s video is just too funny. Moose is such a natural comedian that his short video has received more than 5.1 million views and 342,000 “likes” — which came as a total surprise to Waclawski.

“That night, when we were cuddling in bed, I recorded him because his teeth were showing and it almost looked like he was smiling in his sleep,” Waclawski says. “I did not expect him to wake up like that and I most definitely did not expect it to go viral. Now, not only does he make me smile, he also has made millions of others smile.”

Moose has been making Waclawski smile since last summer, when she adopted him from a shelter after his previous owners abandoned him in the parking lot.

“That just makes my heart break every time I think of poor Moose being kicked out of the car and just left there,” Waclawski says.

Like most shelter pets, Moose came with some emotional baggage, but after six weeks of training to help combat “severe fear aggression,” Moose was awarded “Best in Class.” Now, Moose is a certified emotional support dog for Waclawski, who has depression and anxiety.

“I didn’t need to train him how to react when I’m having an anxiety attack, he can sense it,” Waclawski says. “Moose knows when anyone is upset and tries to make it better, whether it is just putting his head on your lap, or when he literally puts all of his body weight on me to stop me from shaking during an anxiety attack.”

We’re so happy Moose and Waclawski found each other! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to watch that video a couple (hundred) more times.

If you thought Moose’s reaction was funny, watch the video below to see 10 cute dogs’ reactions to being told they’re good boys:

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