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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? To Get Some Coffee and Donuts


It’s an age-old question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Fortunately, one chicken in Canada has finally answered the question for us once and for all. He crosses the road to get coffee and donuts, of course!

According to employees at Tim Hortons, a popular coffee-and-donut chain with locations mainly in Canada and parts of the U.S., the chicken in question routinely crosses the road around 1 p.m. to hang out near the restaurant. The chicken is, apparently, the pet of a young girl whose family lives across the street, though family members declined to tell CBC News) any more than that about their two-legged friend.

“I think he’s got a Tim Hortons addiction,” employee Marcelle Leger told CBC News. “He wants a coffee. A double-double!”

The “determined” bird, as Leger calls him, has endeared itself to many of the locals. Cars will stop to let him cross, and schoolchildren have even escorted him across the street. Even the Tim Horton’s regulars have taken notice.

“It’s a nice plump brown chicken,” Larry Blanchard, a regular who visits this particular Tim Hortons three times a day, told CBC News. “And it clucks, and it screeches and it pecks.” Another regular, Donald Bourgoin, chimed in, saying the bird was not vicious. It usually pecks at the dirt and looks for some tasty grubs in the grass before returning home.

Leger believes the chicken, which has become a bit of a celebrity, is perhaps smarter than the average barnyard bird. According to Leger, the chicken will watch the traffic and wait until it’s all clear before it crosses. In some cases, it takes five or 10 minutes before the bird will move. Pretty strange, right?

So now that we have the answer to why the chicken crossed the road, there’s only one more question left: Which came first — the chicken or the egg?

h/t CBC News

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