Nigella Lawson Has Revealed Her $15 Secret To Perfect Skin at 58 — And It Involves Rubber Gloves


Throw out your 10-step skincare routine, because everything you need for flawless skin is right under your kitchen sink. At least, it is if we decide to follow Nigella Lawson’s advice. The TV chef and beacon of beauty has revealed that she uses her Marigold rubber gloves to exfoliate her face. Yes, seriously. Don’t get too excited though, because the skincare secret isn’t exactly being well-received by experts, who fear she’s actually damaging her skin more than helping it.

Speaking at a Q & A session in London this weekend, Nigella was asked about everything from anxiety to her guilty pleasures (rhubarb and custard sweets), during which she wisely said, “you should not have any guilt about pleasure. You should only ever feel guilt if you don’t take pleasure.” That’s some truth we can’t disagree with. But it was when asked about how she keeps her skin looking so youthful and flawless at age 58 that fans took notes. She revealed that she uses her dishwashing gloves to keep her complexion crystal clear, and everyone was confused by her cheap and cheerful guide to perfect skin.

“I am the sucker who buys things,” she said. “I recently bought some [dishwashing] gloves with silicone bits on the palm for scrubbing. I exfoliate with them. I like them.” The gloves contain silicon ridges on the palms that make getting off dirt (from hardware like plates and crockery, not your face) that much easier. Of course, the gloves seem like they would be quite harsh on the sensitive skin of our faces, which has led one skin expert to warn against Nigella’s technique.

Celebrity cosmetic doctor Vincent Wong told The Sun, “It’s such a bad idea to use rubber gloves to exfoliate. The texture of the gloves are quite rough and it can be really damaging to over-stress your skin. She’s doing the complete opposite of helping her skin.” Well, this is awkward.

Of course, it’s unsurprising. The trend toward less-is-more in skincare has been approved by many skincare professionals, urging people not to over-cleanse or over-exfoliate for fear of stripping the skin of its natural oils and causing mini-abrasions that will overall worsen your complexion.

Although, since every ones skin is unique to them, perhaps Nigella has miraculous, strong skin that can withstand even the harshest of exfoliations? Alas, not all of us are so lucky, so we might be steering clear of this beauty trick. We’ll take her advice about not feeling guilt when gorging on sweets instead.

This article was originally written by Georgia Aspinall. For more, check out our sister site, Grazia.

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