12 Best Derma Rollers for Women Over 50 to Make Your Skin Glow

A cream or serum that reduces wrinkles, prevents blemishes, boosts collagen, and removes under-eye bags might not exist, but the best derma rollers for over 50 can do all of that. Magic? Maybe. Derma rolling has recently taken over the beauty industry, and, while it's been praised for its anti-aging properties, it also works wonders at reversing signs of aging. Pair these cosmetic tools with the perfect serum, and you'll have yourself an immaculate anti-aging arsenal. You might be wondering what this treatment is, exactly. Essentially, you use this cosmetic tool with hundreds of tiny needles and roll it across your face. Before you head for the hills at the idea of pressing needles into your skin, hear us out on why the best at-home micro needlers are the key to completely transforming your complexion.

Okay, what is derma rolling?

Microneedling, more commonly known as derma rolling, uses a tool made up of a roller head with a handle and several hundred needles. By rolling this tool across your face horizontally and then vertically, you can reap the benefits after only using it for a few minutes a couple of times each month. These needles are tiny, ranging anywhere from 0.1 millimeter to 1.5 millimeter in diameter. Anything bigger should be done at a dermatologist's office. So, what is a derma roller doing to help your skin? Derma rollers make hundreds of small micro-injuries in the surface of your skin, which stimulates collagen production and allows your serums and skin-care products, like anti-aging oils, to penetrate deeper. When you age, collagen production slows, which is one reason wrinkles start appearing. Derma rollers for mature skin will reboot your collagen and help maintain a youthful appearance — along with taking a collagen supplement or using a fabulous SPF for sun protection each day.

How to Derma Roll

If you're on board and ready to get your skin glowing, follow these steps for the best results when microneedling. Start by running the needles under hot water, then use rubbing alcohol to finish sanitizing. Do this every time before you use your roller, and do it again after using. Wash your face, then apply a layer of serum, like hyaluronic acid. With light pressure, roll the derma roller horizontally across your skin, then switch to vertical strokes, as shown below. Do this for about two minutes. Don't roll over blemishes and be very gentle when doing this under your eyes. After, apply your facial products and a thick layer of face moisturizer. It's best to avoid using retinols at the same time as derma rolling. Using the best derma rollers for wrinkles and other skin conditions can help bring back the plump, youthful skin you feel most confident in.

Does derma rolling hurt?

The thought of creating small wounds in your skin sounds painful, but take it from someone who is terrified of any type of needle: Derma rolling doesn't hurt at all. It's typical to feel some tingling, or possibly a slight stinging, only if you use it directly after santizing it with rubbing alcohol. Thankfully, with this skin-care technique, only a light amount of pressure is required. If you find it hurts, ease up on how hard you're pressing. Afterwards, your face might be red, but many users can already see a difference or notice their skin is more radiant when they wake up the next morning. If you're feeling a little less apprehensive about this at-home beauty treatment, you may be wondering what is the best derma roller? It's important to pick a high quality micro needler for best results, and we have a great selection below, along with the best derma rolling serums for maximizing the benefits.

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