15 Best Stylish Swimsuits for Women Over 50

Shopping for swimsuits for women over 50 should be something we celebrate, not dread. Dove’s recent research on self-esteem found that only four percent of women think they’re beautiful. That’s 96 percent short of how it should be! This year, try on that patterned bikini you’ve always admired. Head straight for the skirts and one-piece swimsuits if those are your favorite styles, but don’t be afraid to grab that hot pink number with a high-cut bottom either. Age is just a number, especially when it comes to personal taste and style.

Best Swimsuit for My Body Type

When picking a swimsuit, comfort is key. Consider wearing a bathing suit catered to your body type, so you’ll stay happy, relaxed, and carefree. If you have a larger bust, an underwire or sports bra-style top will offer more support. Charlotte from Jodie's Touch of Style says that, as a C cup, she never wore bikinis growing up. Now, there are more options for bustier ladies. Look out for companies that let you pick two different sizes for the top and the bottom, so you can go up a size if you need. "Being a C cup means trying to find a suit that gives support from the stretchy fabrics of swimsuit construction," she notes.

(Photo Credit: Jodie's Touch of Style)

If you want more coverage on your behind, head for a high-waisted bottom, boy shorts, skirts, or a full-coverage bikini. If you’re looking to bare a little bit more skin, a hipster bikini is a great option. A higher-cut bottom elongates your legs, while a one piece with cutouts on the side accentuates your curves. Busier patterns can give ladies with smaller busts more oomph, and ruching across your tummy (or a fabulous shapewear swimsuit) will smooth and define. Picking the suit that makes you feel beautiful is the most important part, but these few pointers can help highlight your favorite parts.

How to Shop for a Swimsuit

Brick and mortar stores offer the option of trying on pieces before you buy, but with Amazon and other online merchants, you can easily try on and send back items for free. The best part? You can try on pieces in the comfort of your home, and see how you would style them with your favorite accessories.

We have a few tips to pick the right bathing suit size when ordering online. If you are in between sizes, it is typically best to size down. Swimsuits stretch over time, so it’s better to start with a tighter swimsuit than one that is too loose in the beginning. Picking your favorite colors, patterns, and shapes is where it gets fun. Bright neons will show off a nice tan, and you can never go wrong with color-blocking or mixing a funky pattern with a solid color on top or bottom.

Dorrie Jacobson, the 83-year-old model behind Senior Style Bible, advises Woman's World readers, “There are a few things that I look for when swimsuit shopping. Firstly, does the suit have a built-in bra and provide good support? If not, I pass on it, no matter how pretty it is. The fit is important. Also, does it have a flattering cut? I prefer a slightly higher cut, because I think it elongates the legs. I also like suits that have black illusions on the sides, with a print or color in the middle."

If you’re looking for some style inspiration, our fashionable friends below have you covered. Scroll through the gallery to see the best bathing suits for women over 50, along with tips from our favorite style bloggers.