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The Best Cat Beds of 2021 to Keep Your Feline Friends Cozy

Let them stretch out and curl up to their hearts' desire.


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When two sweet kittens recently joined our family, making us into a three-cat household, I once again found myself scouring the internet in search of cat beds, determined to find the perfect napping spot for our new babies.

The thing is, we already have more than one pet bed in the apartment, purchased for our first feline child, the fussy Freddy. Unfortunately, she far prefers to sleep on top of a suitcase (usually when we are trying to pack) or inside a box (usually when we are about to break it down for recycling).

Cats, in general, do not care whether something was specifically designed for their comfort, nor do they care how much money you spent on said specially-designed product (this self-cleaning litter box, for example).

Still, ever-hopeful — and swayed by photos of adorable cats curled up in cozy-looking beds — I rounded up a few promising picks that might appeal to our crew of four-legged friends. So while they might rather snooze inside a cardboard box, or atop a freshly folded pile of laundry, at least I can reassure myself that I’ve provided a cushier option, in case they ever deign to try it out.

Keep scrolling to shop our picks for the best cat beds of 2021!

iPrimio Natural Wool Cat Cave

best covered cat bed
covered wool cat bed

Where to buy: $44.95, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Made from premium, all-natural New Zealand wool
  • Cats can hide, or play peek-a-boo in it

A seven-inch wide opening in this elegant wool cat bed is big enough for even the most chonky cats to crawl through, and once they’re inside, they can hide from noisy children, strange guests, loud music, or blowing AC units. They can also jump in and out of it, leap over it, and play peek-a-boo from inside it — hundreds of happy reviewers report all kinds of antics taking place in this cat bed, which is lovely enough to be a piece of living room décor in itself. Choose from 10 different color schemes to coordinate with yours!

“This cave is amazing. Superb quality. My kitty-cat with her large body size went inside the cave and started meditating. I have never seen her to be in such a joy prior to going inside this cave. I have had her since she was a kitten. She is the boss and she can sit and sleep anywhere she wants … However, inside this cave is where she gets the highest level of peace and joy. One of the best purchases I have ever made in my life, no matter the price.”

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed 

Best heated cat bed
heated cat bed

Where to buy: From $39.99, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Energy-efficient (won’t increase your electric bill)
  • Removable, washable cover

Have you ever met a cat who doesn’t love to curl up in the sun?Cats love heat, and this electric cat bed automatically responds to your cat’s body temperature, so it’s always just right for your little Goldilocks. (Not too hot, not too cold … just right.) There’s a one-year limited warranty against any defects, but judging by the number of glowing reviews on Amazon, you won’t need to send this one back.

“We have our own cats, plus foster cats and rescue cats that come and go on a continual flowing basis. Many of our cats squish themselves into shoe boxes and other ridiculously small things, and almost every cat we’ve ever met makes a beeline for anything even remotely radiating heat. … It’s been about a year and a half and I don’t think these beds have EVER been empty. The cat gets out…another cat jumps in. … Bottom line — if you have a cat (or cats), you will literally make their world if you get this for them. Sure, there will be some cats that will turn their nose up at it, but that’s not the fault of the product; it’s a matter of that cat being … a CAT!”

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat

best cat mat
thermal cat bed mat

Where to buy: $16.99, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Mylar foil core provides natural warmth, no electricity needed
  • Reversible design: black fleece on one side, blue leopard on the other

A cat mat bed is nice because you can easily lay it anywhere your cat wants to luxuriate: the sofa, your bed, directly in front of the refrigerator … or is that just my cat? We like this one because it has a thermal core that keeps it warm without plugging in, it’s machine-washable, and it even comes with an attached loop to hang it up when your cat isn’t using it.

“Twenty-four hours in, my younger cat still avoids it, put off by the crinkling sound, but my older, 12-year-old cat is in raptures. It took her only about 10 minutes to find it last night, and she hasn’t moved all day today other than to change positions from time to time. I’m feeling a little neglected because she’d usually be in my lap some of that time, but I’m glad she’ll be comfortable and warm while I’m at work during the week. … Later: The younger cat finally gave in and gave it a try after I put their cloth mats in the wash and put this new thermal one in his spot on the sofa. At first, he was staying on the floor, but then he gingerly stepped up onto it and looked awfully content not long after.”

Miss Meow Convertible Cat Bed

best amazon cat bed
amazon cat bed

Where to buy: $28.99, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Extra-thick, padded inner cushion with non-slip bottom
  • Easily changes from a cave shape to a flat bed

This plush, convertible cat bed gives your cat the option to burrow in and hide, or watch the world go by as she rests atop the fleecy cushion. It’s sturdy, not floppy, so it keeps its cave shape — unless you flip it down to become a flat cat bed (like magic!) — and it comes in a dozen different fabric designs to coordinate with your décor. Hundreds of positive Amazon reviews make this one of the most popular choices among cat-lovers.

“This kitty bed is made of soft, durable fabric that if I were a kitty, I’d never get out of it! My little guy needs persuasion because he wants to sleep on OUR bed, so we bought him this. When he thinks we aren’t looking, he climbs in and curls up and looks genuinely happy. He just won’t admit it. It’s really, really soft. If they made one in my size, I’d buy it! Definitely worth the price. We have had more expensive cat beds that were not as nice as this one. Very well made. Cozy and deep for a kitty to really snuggle into.”

Kitty City Pop Open Tunnel Cat Bed

best walmart cat bed
walmart tunnel cat bed

Where to buy: $37.99, Walmart

Why we like it:

  • Great for homes with multiple cats
  • Cats can both play and nap in it

Is it a cat toy, or is it a cat bed? Actually, it looks more like a funhouse, with a tunnel that lets cats chase each other around and wear themselves out before plopping down in the cushioned center for a snooze. This tunnel cat bed takes up a bit of room, but can easily be zipped up and put away, or transported to a vacation home for a guaranteed good time. A hanging toy adds even more fun to the party, and when your kitties are tuckered out, they can all curl up together and rest.

“I have a multiple cat home — I bought this [three months ago and] they still play and sleep in this daily. It has held up very well, and it gets pushed all over the house. (We have hardwood floors so it is very easy to slide.) The inner cushion removes easily and washes well. Mine fight over who gets to nap on it. It is a good size, so if you don’t have much floor room, that might be a problem. It is a little pricey and I had to wait a while before I could afford it, but it was a good investment and my babies love it.”

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