People of All Ages Are Getting Unusually Excited About a Cheap Pair of Compression Socks

We're all pretty picky when it comes to socks — some of us wear dress socks, some wear athletic socks, some wear no-show. Choosing compression socks is even more difficult because this isn't just for fashion or just comfort, but also for your health. A pair of compression socks made by Physix Gear Sport has 6,250 reviews on Amazon with a 4.8 out of five star rating. And at just $22.45 a pair, these could be the ultimate pair of compression socks.

What are compression socks?

Compression socks are used to increase the blood flow in your legs. They lightly squeeze your legs to get your blood moving through your body, and are used by people who have aching legs or varicose veins and even to help prevent blood clots. They're available in different pressures and come in a variety lengths, usually knee-high to thigh-high.

These socks by Physix Gear Sport come about knee-high. According to Amazon, these socks are double-stitched with antibacterial fabric that wicks moisture and washes well. They are effective for whichever reason you wear compression socks. "[They're] great for relief of varicose veins or other swelling issues. Use it every day, night, or both. [They also] prevent blood clots after surgery," reads the description on Amazon. The compression is concentrated in the heel, foot, and calves.

The Reviews

As great as that all sounds, do these socks actually work? According to thousands of people, yes.

"Olivia Stockdell" gave the socks a five-star review.

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"I am currently 8 months pregnant and wear these beauties every single day," she writes in her review. "I never knew how painful the swelling in my legs and feet could be until recently, and these socks were a complete game changer. I stand for over nine hours a day at work, so I can't begin to explain how badly my legs and feet ached." The photo on the left is without wearing the socks, and the photo on the right is after wearing the socks. "The difference is tremendous!" she writes.

Sock-wearer "mic_pio" also gave the socks a five-star review.

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"For the last 10 days I am recovering from ACL replacement," she writes in her review. "These socks seems to do miracles. [The] recovery process is long and painful, but every time I put the socks on, I feel like I can do anything." She notes that her doctor and physical therapist said it was a "very good idea" to wear the socks. "I am looking at buying third pair," she writes.

And another five-star rating from "Suzie Homemaker."

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"So far I love these socks," she writes. "I am 23 weeks pregnant, and was looking for firm compression socks comfy enough for every day wear, but effective enough for my international flights I have coming up. These socks have the perfect amount of firm compression, you definitely feel secured, but not so much that they are uncomfortable." She also writes she's looking to buy another pair. "Definitely a great buy for the price," her review says.

If you need more than thousands of positive reviews and a great price to convince you to try these socks, here's one more reason: Physix Gear Sport says if you're not happy with the socks, they will issue you a refund.

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks

Where to buy: $14.95-$20.50, Amazon

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