Splooting, Bleps, and Boopable Snoots: Your Guide to Modern Pet Slang

Back in 2017, Merriam-Webster added the word "doggo" to its list of "Words We're Watching." For many pet owners, this was the first time they'd heard the word. Since then, a kind of internet slang for pet owners has emerged, and it's a wonderful world of words like "doggos," "puppers," and "pupperinos."

If you're finding it a little difficult to navigate this world of meme-speak, we're here to be your official translator. We'll teach you the difference between a burrito and a "purrito," the proper way to "boop the snoot" (and what that phrase even means), and how to tell a "blep" from a "mlem."

Keep scrolling to learn more about the animal slang all pet owners should know.