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Lose 2 Pounds a Day With This Simple Electrolyte Drink


Can a diet that works really well also be easy to stick with? It can now! “Just make yourself my study-proven homemade electrolyte drink, and you can instantly turn off cravings for sweets, carbs and salty snacks,” insists weight-loss guru Jorge Cruise, whose 20 bestselling diet books and popular podcasts have earned him more than 12 million fans. “I call it Zero Hunger Water. When you have zero hunger, you can get lean and healthy in a hurry — and it feels effortless!”

North Carolina grandmother Sandy Rosser, who sped off 93 pounds, says she’s living proof. “Water alone has never curbed my appetite, but add electrolytes, and the difference is amazing. You drink some and literally forget to eat!” Adds Cruise: “I have women shrinking by three sizes in just 19 days. They’re the best results I’ve seen in my entire career!”

Here’s the nutshell version of Cruise’s buzzworthy approach: Stir three electrolyte minerals — salt, potassium and magnesium — into water, and drink 32 ounces every two hours. After that, listen to your body. Most people end up being hungry only at dinnertime, notes Cruise, who was turned on to the technique by experts interviewed for The Jorge Cruise Show. “Zero Hunger Water makes eating less often so easy it becomes automatic, and it also keeps you from being drawn to junk.”

For maximum weight loss, Cruise recommends that when you do eat, opt for keto-style meals. Why? They keep blood sugar production so low, the body burns up to 900 percent more fat for fuel. So by pairing electrolyte water with keto, “you end up eating a lot less and burning a lot more fat, which is a formula for huge success.”

How one woman went from a size 24 to a size eight with electrolytes.

After suffering a severe back injury in 1988, “I started using sugar and carbs to cope with my chronic pain,” recalls North Carolina grandmother Sandy Rosser, 58. “Eating would make me feel better for a few minutes, and I’d crave more and more. I couldn’t stop.” Her weight climbed steadily. “And my health was abysmal. I was desperate to feel better.”

When she heard about Zero Hunger Water, “it sounded too good to be true, but I love Jorge, so I tried it.” She started sipping the water at six in the morning each day. “Then I wouldn’t feel hungry until six at night. I’d eat a big serving of protein, good fat, some veggies. I didn’t necessarily mean to eat only once a day, I just wasn’t hungry.”

Not only did she lose 93 pounds, her pain began to disappear and she got off meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol. “If you’ve tried everything and failed — even if you’ve failed miserably — there is hope. This is the plan that will get the weight off and make you feel better than ever. My birth certificate says I am 58, but I feel like I’m 30!”

Why do electrolytes work?

Turns out, most things we do to lose weight in a healthy way cause our blood-sugar and insulin levels to drop — both factors proven to accelerate fat burning and protect our overall health.

The hitch: As insulin drops, it causes the body to release large quantities of sodium, explains James DiNicolantonio, PharmD, a research scientist at St. Luke’s MidAmerica Heart Institute in Missouri. “Doctors often urge patients to reduce salt intake as they try to slim down, so what ends up happening is people are taking in less sodium just as the body naturally excretes large quantities of sodium. This often causes a sodium deficiency, the side effects of which make weight loss extremely difficult,” notes the Salt Fix author.

He adds that a lack of salt also causes levels of potassium and magnesium to drop, making matters worse. “The body needs electrolyte minerals to function optimally,” says DiNicolantonio. “When we don’t have enough, symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, headaches, intense hunger and carb cravings.”

Magnesium helps insulin work so much better that studies show getting enough of the mineral cuts the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 47 percent.

Why should you drink so much water?

Cruise says the symptoms of electrolyte deficiency are the exact issues clients often describe to him before giving up on a lowcarb approach. “It made me try making my own electrolyte drink just to see what would happen. My hunger went down and my energy went up so much, I started using it with everyone,” says Cruise.

Obesity Code author Jason Fung, M.D., is also a fan of the approach. Folks using a homemade electrolyte water can sip it when their tummies rumble, “and the wave of hunger just moves over them and is gone,” he says. The science-lab proof: A UC-Irvine study confirms that adding supplemental electrolytes does indeed prevent a hunger-inducing loss of sodium and other minerals as blood-sugar and insulin levels improve.

One more bonus: Both low-carb eating and eating less often trigger biochemical changes in our bodies that send energy and well-being soaring. Says Cruise: “It works and feels like magic!”

How to get started with the Zero Hunger electrolyte water and keto plan.

For optimal weight loss, Jorge Cruise recommends sipping 32 ounces of Zero Hunger Water every two hours. Beyond that, aim to eat only when hungry, enjoying your fill of wholesome low-carb fare.

Most women using the Zero Hunger approach eat once or twice a day with no snacks in between. Exercise is encouraged but not required. As always, get a doctor’s okay to try any new plan.

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A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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