Looking to Make Some Extra Cash? Get Paid to Shop Online

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Are you looking to easily earn money from home? You’ve likely heard about websites that’ll pay you to take surveys, watch videos and more—but did you know you can pad your pockets even more without doing more work yourself? The secret: referral programs that pay you when friends sign up, too!

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Enjoy trying new products? Try CashCrate! Sign up at CashCrate.com, and you’ll get paid to try new products, complete surveys, watch videos and surf the net. You’ll also get cash back on purchases made through CashCrate merchants. Once you earn $20, you’ll be sent a check.

Why its referral program rocks: Its two-tier program pays you 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make!

How to drum up referrals: You’ll receive a unique referral link that friends and family must use to sign up. Let them know about CashCrate and explain how it’s helping you. Try something like: “The extra money I’ve made is helping me grow Jason’s college fund.” CashCrate also makes it easy to create flyers with your referral number automatically added, so all you have to do is print and tack up on bulletin boards at work, the local supermarket and so on.

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Love to shop? Give MyPoints a shot! Log onto MyPoints.com, and the shopping-rewards program will give you points for purchasing items, completing surveys, playing games and more. You can convert your points to gift cards, travel miles or cash deposits to PayPal or a Visa prepaid card.

Why its referral program rocks: You’ll get 25 points as soon as a friend signs up, and if she makes a purchase of at least $20 within 30 days of signing up, you’ll get 1,750 bonus points! After that, you’ll receive 10% of her points.

How to drum up referrals: Fill out the Refer-A-Friend form on the site for folks you think would be interested, and they’ll receive an email invite. Be sure to refer only people you actually know, and mention it to them ahead of time so they will be more inclined to accept the invitation.

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Simply want to search the Web? Check out Qmee! Download the web browser extension at Qmee.com (just follow the easy instructions on the site), and when you surf the Web using the search engine of your choice, it’ll automatically show relevant money-saving coupons and price comparisons on the left-hand side of your screen. You’ll earn cash or save money whenever you click on a result. You can cash out anytime (no minimum earnings required), and payment to your PayPal account is almost instantaneous.

Why its referral program rocks: You’ll get $1 in your Qmee account anytime one of your referrals cashes out for the first time.

How to drum up referrals: Once you use Qmee for about 10 days or so, you’ll get a personal invite link to share with friends. Just email to your friends and family or post on your social media.

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