11 Facts About Meghan Markle’s Devoted Mom, Doria Ragland


When cameras caught the look of pure happiness and pride on the face of Meghan Markle’s mother at her daughter’s royal wedding to Prince Harry, it’s safe to say our hearts melted. From that point on, Doria Ragland became known as our queen of hearts.

There’s no mistaking the 62-year-old for the powerhouse she is. Just look at how incredibly poised and caring her only daughter Meghan is — that kind of person must have been raised by a wonderful mom.

The mother-and-daughter duo have certainly already left a strong impression on the royal family. Earlier in September, Doria attended the launch of Meghan’s charity cookbook at Kensington Palace — an unprecedented move, considering non-royal family members don’t traditionally join royals on official engagements.

Aside from testing royal rules, that moment alone is enough to make us realize just how much Doria means to Meghan. Now, rumors are circulating that the devoted mom might be moving to London to be closer to her daughter — and how could we blame her?

Ragland has clearly been an incredible pillar of strength, stability, and support to Meghan, and it’s entirely understandable why she would want to be by her daughter’s side as she embarks on this new royal chapter. In light of this, we decided to explore who the duchess’ inspiring mother is, what she stands for, and how she has gotten to where she is today.

1. She’s a “free-spirited role model.”

It’s no secret Doria and her daughter are close, and the Duchess of Sussex has discussed her kind nature in past interviews. Meghan previously said of her mom: “We can just have so much fun together, and yet, I’ll still find so much solace in her support.”

2. She raised Meghan to give back.

Writing on her former blog, The Tig, the duchess said of her parents: “Both my parents came from little, so they made a choice to give a lot… performing quiet acts of grace — be it a hug, a smile, or a pat on the back to show ones in need that they would be alright. This is what I grew up seeing, so that is what I grew up being.”

3. She has an adorable nickname for Meghan.

Meghan also revealed on The Tig that Ragland calls her “Flower.” The blog post discussed Doria’s influence on Meghan to be a global citizen: “I must have been about 10 years old when we visited the slums of Jamaica. I had never seen poverty at that level and it registered in my glazed brown eyes. ‘Don’t look scared, Flower,'” she said. “‘Be aware, but don’t be afraid.'”

meghan markle doria ragland

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4. Doria was a makeup artist back in the day.

According to Refinery29, Ragland trained to be a makeup artist, which was coincidentally how she met Meghan’s father, Thomas. The pair worked on the set of General Hospital, where Thomas served as a lighting technician and cinematographer.

5. She was a social worker at a mental health clinic in LA. 

Meghan previously said of her mom: “She works specifically with the geriatric community.” If her kind-hearted nature is anything to go by, working in this field was a great fit for Doria.

6. She’s got some serious style. 

From her soft green outfit at the royal wedding to the chic beige ensemble she wore to Meghan’s charity cookbook launch at Kensington Palace, it’s safe to assume we’ll be taking fashion cues from Doria Ragland for years to come!

7. She’s a serious yogi. 

Doria has also been a yoga instructor, and her love for the practice was passed on to her daughter. Meghan previously told Women’s Health that yoga was in her blood: “I love an intense vinyasa class — and even better if its blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.” 

8. Her favorite part of the royal wedding was meeting Queen Elizabeth II. 

A source revealed to Us Weekly that Doria’s highlight from the big day was meeting the queen: “It would have been extremely intimidating for anyone, but Meghan and Harry really did a marvelous job of preparing her [with] what to expect.”

9. Prince Harry is a big fan. 

The prince has been outspoken about his “amazing” mother-in-law in the past. In the royal couple’s engagement interview, Harry gushed about Doria, saying they had spent a lot of time getting to know each other. “Her mum’s amazing,” he said.

doria ragland prince harry

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10. She has friends in high places.

When Oprah attended the wedding of Meghan and Harry back in May, rumors about the talk show queen’s relationship with Doria were rife. Murmurs of a sit-down between the two are still circling, but Oprah has given some more insight herself in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Oprah revealed that Meghan’s mom had come to her house, where they discussed doing yoga together. Oprah also provided her with a basket of kumquats! 

As for the interview between the pair? Oprah neither confirmed nor denied, saying: “For all of the people who said I am getting her gifts and I’m trying to bribe her for an interview — they were kumquats. If kumquats can get you an interview, I’m all for it!”

11. She gets along well with Prince Charles. 

At the royal wedding in May, Prince Charles and Doria seemed to get along swimmingly, with the future king chatting away with the bride’s mother after the ceremony. Charles also led Doria and his wife Camilla down the stairs outside the chapel, linking arms with both ladies.

This article was originally written by Jess Pullar. For more, check out our sister site, Now to Love.

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