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What does the future hold for you? Find your astrological sign below to get predictions for your love life, career, social life, finances, and more for this very week from internationally known author, lecturer, and astrologer Gerald James Jackson. 

If it’s your birthday this week, find your star twin below and your year-ahead forecast!

Aries horoscope

Aries Horoscope

Mar 23 – Apr 23

Trade notes about a project with a colleague on the 3rd. Cooperation lays the groundwork for a win. Then around the 5th, break free of your routine by signing up for an online class. It could prove fulfilling now!

Lucky days: June 1, 3, 5

Your lucky numbers: 3, 9, 12

Taurus horoscope

Taurus Horoscope

April 20 – May 20

Chat with friends about new money-making ideas on the 3rd. These conversations can inspire you to move. Around the 5th, having a difficult conversation may be unavoidable, but can also clear the way for healing. Go for it!

Your lucky days: June 3, 4, 6

Your lucky numbers: 2, 6, 8

Gemini horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

May 21 – June 21

Creative projects feel especially therapeutic on the 3rd. Don’t be afraid to express yourself! Then, you may struggle to get in sync with a dear friend around the 5th. Patience leads to a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your lucky days: May 31, June 1, 3

Your lucky numbers: 5, 7, 14

Cancer horoscope

Cancer Horoscope

June 22 – July 23

You may feel misunderstood by loved ones on the 31st. Take a breath—clarity is around the corner! Then on the 3rd, open up about your feelings to a loved one or in a journal: Giving voice to your emotions proves empowering.

Your lucky days: June 1, 2, 3

Your lucky numbers:  4, 7, 12

Leo horoscope

Leo Horoscope

July 23 – Aug 22

Consider fitting a new mind-body routine into your daily schedule on the 31st. Trust your intuition to lead the way. Then, collaborate with a companion on an inventive endeavor on the 3rd to bolster a feeling of harmony.

Your lucky days: May 31, June 3, 4

Your lucky numbers: 2, 6, 11

Your Star Twin

Your year-ahead look forecast for this week:

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Year-ahead forecast for those born this week Gemini, it’s your year to shine! While Venus is retrograde from now until late June, revisit creative or moneymaking projects that were previously put on the back burner, or address an emotional issue with a loved one to finally find a new path forward. Then, until early August, as Venus moves forward in your sign, you’ll be able to gain momentum around financial and relationship endeavors. From then until September, Venus’ move through your money zone makes it easier to connect with friends or colleagues to collaborate on projects that bolster cash flow and tap into your artistic impulses. In October, Venus’ position in your home zone amplifies the emotional fulfillment you receive from quality time with loved ones.

Virgo horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

Aug 23 – Sept 22

On the 31st, meditating on your most heartfelt emotions and letting it shift your perspective is wise. Come the 5th, consider what you need for a better work-life balance, then give yourself permission to embrace it.

Your lucky days: June 3, 4, 6

Your lucky numbers: 2, 4, 5

Libra horoscope

Libra Horoscope

Sept 23 – Oct 22

Higher-ups may ask you to take on new responsibilities come the 31st. Stepping up to the plate leads to recognition. Then on the 3rd, a new wellness routine (like a Zoom dance class) proves revitalizing. Go for it!

Your lucky days: May 31, June 1, 3

Your lucky numbers: 6, 9, 10

Scorpio horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

Oct 23 – Nov 21

You’ll enjoy a burst of confidence around relationships on the 3rd. Sharing how you feel enhances bonds! Around the 5th, reflect on the ways your work supports your goals—or not. You might consider shifting gears.

Your lucky days: June 2, 3, 4

Your lucky numbers: 2, 5, 18

Sagittarius horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope

Nov 22 – Dec 21

On the 3rd, a simple check-in with a loved one brings joy. Dive in! Then, it’s time to change your self-care routine on the 5th. Prioritizing needs like getting more sleep or daily walks makes a world of difference.

Your lucky days: May 31, June 1, 3

Your lucky numbers: 2, 3, 7

Capricorn horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

Dec 22 – Jan 19

Consider addressing emotions like anxiety by exploring them
Tapping into your intuition is easy on the 31st. Making plans for future travel or education can feel inspiring. Then on the 6th, you may have to contend with a power struggle. Try to keep the peace for less stress!

Your lucky days: May 31, June 1, 4

Your lucky numbers: 8, 9, 10

Aquarius horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope

Jan 20 – Feb 18

You’ll be excited to hone new skills on the 31st. What you learn could advance your career! Come the 5th, underlying tensions with friends or coworkers come to the forefront. Being direct helps you find a harmonious path.

Your lucky days: May 31, June 1, 3

Your lucky numbers: 8, 11, 17

Pisces horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Feb 19 – Mar 20

Enjoy simple pleasures with friends on the 3rd—the quality time (even virtually!) warms your heart. Then, your career goals could evolve around the 5th. Taking action may feel challenging, but you can do it!

Your lucky days: June 2, 3, 4

Your lucky numbers: 3, 4, 10

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