When People Told Her She Looked ‘Too Pregnant’ to Wear a Gorgeous Dress, Daphne Oz Had the BEST Response


Her dad might be the king of healthy living, but Daphne Oz may have just earned her crown as the queen of healthy body image. The 30-year-old co-host of ABC’s The Chew is the mom to two small kids, the youngest just four months old. Lately she’s been using Instagram as a place to share her thoughts and tips on many of the challenges and rewards of motherhood, including getting back into shape after giving birth.

Oz recently posted a picture of herself in a stunning gown for their Oscars-themed episode of the show. While we think she looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, some commenters on her Instagram account said that she still looked “too pregnant” to wear it.

Instead of getting down on herself or lashing out, this very busy working mom had an amazing response that all new moms need to hear and every woman needs to keep in mind about her own body–especially if she’s going through a weight loss journey. She posted a picture of her 4-month-old son Jovan, a beautiful reminder that the weight she may have gained was for a very worthy cause. Then she refused to hide her body, saying:

“[T]here is nothing ‘inappropriate’ about continuing to feel good in my own skin, even while I work to feel better.”

So whether you’re a new mom looking to lose the baby weight, or merely trying to drop a few pounds to feel like the healthiest, happiest you possible, remember to love yourself exactly how you are in the present. Losing weight and loving your body are not mutually exclusive. Thank you, Daphne Oz, for the much-needed reminder.

Read her full message in the Instagram post below:

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happy 4 months to me!! 🎂 wearing my sister's old sleep sack and loving it. note from mama: guys, I didn't want to put up a big post about this because I really, truly don't care if some of you think I still look "too pregnant" to wear anything other than a sleep sack myself. but I feel compelled to say something because it makes me so sad to think there are those of you out there who believe that a woman's body is only beautiful and worth looking at if it is the toned and taut lingerie models that are all over Instagram. if that's all you want to see, you are welcome to unfollow me. I still have weight to lose, and I am certainly not disparaging the hard work it takes to be in great shape. of course I'm excited to get there!! but I am not prepared to be in hiding until I do, or to only put up photo shopped versions of myself and make my progress look different than your own. there is nothing "inappropriate" about continuing to feel good in my own skin, even while I work to feel better. please take a good, long look at yourself in the mirror and try to be a little more loving. you are everything.

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