When Foster Mom’s WIC Card Wouldn’t Work, Walmart Cashier Pays Her Bill


It was just another busy Friday night at work for Nicholas Tate, a Walmart employee in Newcastle, OK — until a certain frazzled customer strolled into his checkout aisle along with her three young kids.

“She was coming through, and she had two little girls and a baby. The two little girls were just going crazy,” Tate said. ”So, I looked at her and said ‘One of those days?’”

The woman told him that yes, it was one of those days — and also revealed that she was a foster parent. As the line piled up behind her, the woman frantically put her groceries onto the conveyor belt and then confessed to Tate that she wanted to pay using a WIC card — the federal program that provides assistance for low-income families with children — but had never used one before. In fact, she had just set the account up that day.

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“She apologized beforehand. She said ‘I have never used WIC before. I don’t know how it’s going to go,’” Tate, who is 20 years old, said later.

Right away, there were problems. The card only covers certain brands of food, and one of the woman’s most important items — baby formula — wouldn’t ring in correctly.

“She had a good amount of items and most of them went through, but she apparently didn’t have the right formula and it wouldn’t go through,” Tate told CBS News. “We had to run a separate transaction for the rest.”

As the line grew longer and other shoppers began grumbling about the long wait time, Tate — who still couldn’t get the WIC card to work — then says he heard the voice of God telling him what to do next: He pulled out his own debit card and paid $60 to complete her purhcase himself, which accounts for about a day’s wage for Tate.

“I swiped it, and instantly she started bawling her eyes out,” Tate said of the mystery woman, who didn’t want her name used to protect the privacy of her foster children — but who later took to Facebook to share the young man’s act of kindness.

“You never know what God is going to do. Yeah, it might be hard. It might be scary. It might be a day’s wage. But, if God is calling you to do it, he’s going to have something major for you,” Tate said. ​

We can’t help but tear up over his generosity and kindness toward a stranger, and it seems we’re not alone. As one supporter on Facebook wrote, “Nick, may the Good Lord continue to bestow many, many blessings to you and your loved ones for going above and beyond what was required of you. This world is in dire need of many kind and gentle souls such as yourself.”

We agree wholeheartedly! Nick, you deserve all the praise you’re getting — and we know you’ve inspired others with your wonderful gesture.


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