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3 Reasons Babies Born in December Are Extra Special


It can be tough being born in December and having your birthday compete with the holiday season. I grew up with my dad having his birthday right on Christmas day, something he always said was frustrating while growing up. That’s why my family was extra sure to make him feel special once we were done opening presents on Christmas morning. It turns out, he was already pretty special just by being born in that month to begin with — December is statistically the month with the least amount of birthdays in it. This makes sense when you realize that nine months before that is March, a month when everyone is tired of the lingering winter weather and anxious for summer to hurry up and arrive (meaning parents are less likely to be in the mood to bake any buns in the oven).

That’s not the only reason December babies are extra special, though. Take a look to see even more ways babies born around the holidays stand out from the rest of the year!

1. They Are Better Sleepers

As anyone who’s ever tried telling a youngster that it’s time to go to bed knows, it can be a huge struggle. No matter how tired the little one might actually be, most of them seem to fight the urge to snooze with all their might when bedtime rolls around. This can come in the form of requesting extra stories (or re-reading the same one over and over again), begging for a bedtime snack, or popping up to use the bathroom even when they don’t really have the urge to go. According to a 2009 study in Sleep journal, December babies are less likely to go through that bedtime battle. Of course, that means they also tend to get up earlier in the morning, so don’t be surprised if a December kiddo in your family wakes you up extra early on more than just Christmas morning.

2. They Are More Likely to Be Lefties

Left-handers make up only about 10 percent of the United States population, making them pretty darn unique. Research published in 2013 found that most of those lefties were born between November and January, which as we mentioned already, is one of the reasons they are so rare given that less babies are born around that time. There are a ton of amazing ways being left-handed can make kids stand out from the right-handed majority as they grow up — including a higher likelihood of being skilled at math, according to a 2017 study from Frontiers in Psychology

3. They Get to Celebrate More Birthdays

Although they might feel overshadowed by the holidays when their birthdays roll around, people born in December have a higher chance of blowing out more candles on their cakes over the years than the rest of us. A 2011 article from the Journal of Aging claims those born in December are more likely to live past 105 years old. That’s quite a bit higher than the average life expectancy of about 75 to 80 years old for those of us born in earlier months. That also means they might have plenty of time to make up for any birthday parties they had to share with Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Be sure to let all the December babies in your life know just how special and unique they are while celebrating their big day!

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