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Don’t Throw Out Leftover Coffee — Freeze It for Later and Save Money on Your Next Cup


If you think you spend too much on your daily cup of joe, you might want to consider freezing coffee as a possible money-saving option. At first, this may seem like a strange idea; after all, coffee is not typically something we plop in our freezers. But considering this practice might save you a ton of money in the long run, maybe it’s time for your beloved brew to take that coveted spot next to your ice cream.

As much as we love the benefits of drinking coffee, we have to admit that sometimes we don’t finish an entire serving in one sitting. Whether it’s coffee we brewed at home or a cup we picked up from the store, it’s pretty common for us to have at least a little bit left over. And who wants hot coffee that’s gone cold — or even worse, lukewarm? We’ve all had that moment when we’ve felt like we had to toss some of it into the trash or down the garbage disposal. But making a habit out of this not only wastes your precious joe, it also wastes some of your hard-earned dollars. That’s why freezing coffee can be an excellent option to save more of your coffee — and more of your money. A true win-win if we’ve ever heard one!

How to Freeze Coffee

how to freeze coffee

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Luckily, freezing coffee is a lot simpler than it sounds. And don’t worry, this doesn’t require using your mug — or fishing a circular piece of iced coffee out of said mug. All you need is your leftover brew and a simple ice cube tray, such as the OXO Good Grips Ice Cube Tray (Amazon, $9.99).

Simply pour your leftover coffee into the ice cube tray in the same way that you’d do with water. Take extra care to make sure none of the cubes overflow; the last thing you want is for your entire tray to get all sticky on your kitchen counter. When every last bit of the delicious stuff is in there, carefully place the tray into the freezer and close the door tight.

Let it sit for at least a few hours — or overnight, if you prefer. Then, the hardest part for you will be deciding how you want to use your delicious coffee cubes. You have the option of using them for longer-lasting iced coffee if you plop them into a glass with your choice of milk. You also have the opportunity to set them into a fresh cup of hot joe to make it even stronger (yum). Some folks even like to add their brew to smoothie blends for an extra boost. Who knows? If you try this clever trick, maybe you’ll come up with a creative caffeinated recipe all your own!

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