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Exactly How Much Money Can You Save by Making Your Own Coffee?


If you’re guilty of treating yourself to pricey java drinks a little too often, you may be wondering how to save money on coffee. Brewing it at home is one of the simplest tricks to save money on coffee, and it spares you the annoyance of having to balance a tray full of hot drinks for all your coworkers. 

The price of a cup of joe depends on where you live, but it typically ranges between $1 and $5. If you like adding syrups and extra toppings, your bill will be on the higher end of that spectrum. In total, your caffeine trips will cost you roughly $5 to $25 per week if you swing by a coffeeshop every morning on the way to work. That means you’ll spend anywhere between $260 and $1,300 each year on coffee. 

Even if you don’t hit up a Starbucks every day, there will inevitably be times where you have to make a second visit for another caffeine fix (the 3 p.m. slump is a very real thing), and that will make up for the days you just grab free coffee at work. 

How does that compare to the cost of making coffee at home? Let’s say your favorite ground coffee costs $8 at the store. In a 12 oz. bag, you’ll get roughly 62 cups of coffee, which rounds out to about 13 cents per cup. If you brew two cups of coffee each morning — one for you and one for your hubby — that single bag should caffeinate you for a month if you each have one cup per day. (One bag will last you two months if you’re making coffee for one.) Over a year, it would cost you just $96 to purchase your favorite beans 12 times. 

When you compare $260 to $96, the answer to any questions of how to cut coffee costs is obvious: Save money and brew your coffee at home! Then, invest in a nice thermos using all that extra money to keep your coffee hot (or cold) all day. We recommend the Thermos Stainless King 16-Ounce Travel Tumbler ($19.95, Amazon) for all your everyday coffee-carrying needs. For true caffeine junkies, we suggest the Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug ($149.95, Amazon). It’s a step up in price, but its features make it the fanciest travel mug we’ve ever seen — seriously, you can pick the exact temperature you want your coffee and control it from an app on your phone.

It’s hard to resist a pumpkin spice latte this time of year, and you don’t have to! Enjoy your occasional coffeeshop brew for what it is — a small treat for yourself. Then, figure out how you can make a pumpkin spice latte at home for cheap

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