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This Simple Trick Will Help You Peel Multiple Hard Boiled Eggs in Seconds


What’s Easter weekend without passing around a platter or two of deviled eggs? Or maybe your family loves to serve up some yummy egg salad. Either way, there’s a good chance you have some tedious de-shelling in your near future — unless that is, you use this simple trick that makes peeling hard-boiled eggs a snap. It even works with multiple eggs at a time!

It’s similar to a method we’ve seen for peeling just one egg: Put it in water, slosh it around a bit to loosen up the shell, and then easily slide it off. But this time, you can use a Tupperware to pop even more eggs in and get the same speedy peeling result.

Take a look at the video below to see how it helped peel four eggs in one go: 

You might be just as lucky with a few more eggs in the Tupperware, too, but factors like how fresh your eggs are before boiling will make a difference. You might think the fresher the better, but the pros at Food52 recommend using slightly older eggs (but obviously not ones that have gone bad) for easier peeling. 

You also don’t have to worry about “shocking” your cooked eggs in an ice bath after boiling them — just rinse them under the cold water tap until they’ve cooled down enough to hold. Then pop them into a Tupperware of water to shake a round and peel.

Another common hard-boiled egg issue: The shell cracks while they’re boiling rather than waiting for you to peel them. There’s another easy tip to avoid that: Let the eggs get to room temperature before putting them in the water. Putting them in a bowl and letting them sit on the counter for about five minutes should do the trick. 

And now you have everything you need to make sure your eggs are a breeze to peel and enjoy for Easter and beyond!

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