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How Massaging Your Face Can Make You Look Years Younger


Have you ever gotten a facial where the aesthetician massages your face? First off, lucky you! But they don’t just do it because it feels good. Similar to hitting the gym, exercising and massaging your face will tighten and tone your skin — and make you look younger in the process. Also, like working out, the more you do it the better! 

But you don’t have to get an expensive spa treatment to reap the benefits, you can define your jawline, plump up your cheeks, and lift and de-puff your eyes in the comfort of your own home! Simply massage around your temples and eyes, and along your cheek and jawbone. Then try the three daily facial exercises below to help you tone the muscle beneath your skin for a youthful look by the holidays.

To sculpt cheeks: 

Inhale through the nose and puff out one side of your cheek; alternate pushing the air from one cheek to the other until you run out of air. Repeat two more times. This move targets the muscles around the mouth that plump and “prop up” cheeks.

To slim the chin: 

Raise your chin to the sky, then jut your lower jaw forward until you feel muscles stretch. Hold for 5 seconds; release and repeat 10 times. This firms the muscle that extends from the corners of the mouth down to the collarbone for a trimmer jawline.

To lift lids: 

Place your index fingers between your brows and thumbs below the outer corners of your eyes. Shut your eyes and gently pull your index fingers up and thumbs out. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 10 times. This strengthens muscles around the eyes, tightening skin to nix sag.

This story originally appeared in our print magazine. 

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