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5 Ways to Help Prevent Cancer in Women


There’s great new out of the Mayo Clinic: researchers say our risk of developing cancers has been slowly dropping over the past 20 years! And now, it’s easier than ever to keep your breasts, ovaries, cervix and uterus healthy and cancer-free. With these simple study-backed strategies, you can cut your risk by 76%—or more! Keep reading for five cancer prevention tips you need to know. 

Prevent Breast Cancer with Iced Tea

Drink three glasses of iced black, green, white or oolong tea daily and your breast cancer risk will drop by 25%. And if you sip these brews in place of sugary sodas, your breast cancer risk will drop by 55%, say University of North Carolina researchers. Flavonoids in tea block the formation of precancerous growths in breast tissue—and shunning sugar deprives cancer cells of their favorite source of fuel!

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Prevent Ovarian Cancer with Endive

Tossing 1⁄2 cup of this seasonal salad green into your daily lunch could cut your ovarian cancer risk by an incredible 76%, suggests research in the journal Cancer. Study co-author Alex Goldbohm, Ph.D., explains that endive brims with compounds that halt the growth and spread of suspicious ovarian cells.

Prevent Cervical Cancer with Vitamin B

Taking a daily multi containing 400 mcg. of folic acid and 300 mcg. of vitamin B-12 could cut your cervical cancer risk by 60%. Researchers at Tucson’s University of Arizona found these B vitamins halt the growth of abnormal cervical cells. Try: Life Extension One-Per-Day Tablets (

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Prevent Uterine Cancer with Daily Walks

Sneak in 30 minutes of exercise daily and researchers at New Jersey’s Rutgers Cancer Institute say your uterine cancer risk will drop by up to 59% by lowering levels of estrogen and insulin, hormones that fuel uterine cancers. 

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