11 Halloween Dog Parade Costumes That Are So Cute It's Scary

Every year, millions of Americans flock to Halloween stores in search of the perfect Halloween costume. But if Halloween isn't your thing and you'd rather just take your kids' candy when they're not looking, there's still a reason to enjoy the holiday: annual Halloween dog parades.

Just like us, our furry friends strut their stuff in adorable costumes, and frankly, they put ours to shame. If you are one of those people who get really into the Halloween spirit, you'll know the painstaking effort that goes into finding (or making) the perfect Halloween costume. Now imagine you're doing that in miniature for a squirmy body with four legs. Not so easy, right?

And just because our pups can't pick out a costume themselves doesn't mean you can just put them in any old thing — you have to find something that matches their personality. If Max is feisty, you can't dress him up as a teddy bear; he's got to be a dinosaur or a lion. And sweet princess Bella would look better as a cupcake than as a shark.

So for now, we applaud all the dog moms and dads who go above and beyond with their pets' Halloween costumes. We can't wait to embark on next year's Halloween dog parades and see what you've come up with next.