17 Halloween Manicures That Are Spookily Stylish

Halloween nails are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Not only do they give you the chance to pamper yourself by getting a nice fresh manicure, they also provide you with a creative outlet to express yourself on one of the spookiest days of the year. Halloween is also an opportunity to show off a unique beauty treatment that you might not usually get for your nails on any other occasion. It's completely up to you just how spooky you want your Halloween nails to be. But whether you're one of those folks who likes a good scare or not, you can make these nails terrifyingly terrific for the big day.

Why Halloween Nails Are So Fun and Festive

Although Halloween is famous for costumes, not everyone is in the mood to dress up for the holiday each year, especially if you keep wearing the same witch or cat costume over and over again. (Believe us, it can get old pretty darn fast!) Halloween nail art is pretty much the perfect excuse to get yourself out of donning those dusty ears or that ridiculous hat yet another time just for the sake of a party or two. This time around, you won't even need to explain your decision not to fully dress up to other people. If anyone asks you where your costume is, you can just show off your fabulous Halloween nail design to him or her instead. The best part is that your Halloween nails don't even have to be that scary to get a thumbs up from your family and friends. Problem solved and crisis averted!

But even if you love to dress up — and you're able to come up with a new envy-inducing look every year — there's nothing wrong with upping the ante on your costume with a unique beauty treatment. No matter what you end up wearing for the holiday, Halloween designs on nails can take your whole outfit to the next level. Imagine your family and friends being so impressed by your Halloween costume and accessories, only to take a peek at your Halloween-inspired nails and be even more amazed by your creativity and artistic expression. Cute Halloween nail designs can especially come in handy for costumes that are lacking in color (ahem, like a witch or a cat). It'll offer the perfect "pop" for a mostly black or gray outfit during the holiday, and delight your loved ones with the perfect element of surprise in the evening. The best Halloween nail design pictures are all the proof you need of the utterly jaw-dropping results.

No matter what your plans are for Halloween this year, you can find a way to make Halloween-themed nails a part of the event by going to the salon or trying out some Halloween nail art at home. One easy way to start might be trying out some Halloween-inspired WaterSlide Nail Art Decals (Amazon, $4.49). Or maybe you want to try mixing and matching the colors you already own and simply see what happens. Either way, if you need inspiration, we think browsing some gorgeous Halloween nail designs on the internet is a perfect way to start. Whether you're interested in trying out some daring Halloween stiletto nails or you want to stick to simple and easy Halloween nails, there's pretty much something out there for everyone.

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The Best Halloween Nail Designs