Halloween Treats That Are Spookily Simple to Make — and Terrifyingly Tasty

It's that time of the year again! Halloween is just around the corner, and we've got some ideas for spirited snacks and terrifying treats to share with the grandkids. Before you run out to the store and stock up on apples for bobbing and pumpkin seeds for roasting, take a glance in your cabinet. These four fall recipes are so simple, you likely already have everything that you need. So whether your little one loves an eerie, easy bite or is looking for a monster of a meal, look no further than our Monster Drool Dip, Undead Oreos, Bloody Good Grilled Cheese, and Ooey Gooey Spiders. Check them out in our video below, then scroll down to find out how to make them.

See? It's really that easy, and chances are these are already the snacks you've been prepping in your kitchen. Just a little extra elbow grease can transform them into something festive and fun. Or, even better, creepy crawly.

Monster Drool Dip

For this recipe, you'll need two apples and some peanut butter — yep, it's that simple. Start by cutting the top off one of the apples, but keep it intact. Carve out the bottom of the apple to use as a bowl, scooping out the insides and being careful to get all of the seeds. Once you've finished cleaning out your apple bowl, carve a set of sharp teeth into the edge, then a matching set in your apple lid. Slice up a second apple for dipping.

Next, use a spoon to scoop peanut butter into your apple bowl. If you prefer thick or chunky peanut butter, a knife may be better suited to the task. Pop the lid back on for presentation, spread your apple slices on a plate and hand it over to the grandkids. If your peanut butter is as runny as ours, add an extra dollop until your apple overflows and it oozes out between the teeth. Caramel works just as well.

Undead Oreos

To make these, you'll need Oreos, white chocolate chips, and mini chocolate chips. Start by pouring some white chocolate chips into a bowl and microwave for 15 seconds. Stir, then microwave for another 15. Repeat as necessary until your white chocolate is fully melted. Then, set aside. Next, pick up an Oreo and carefully twist it open, making sure the frosting stays all on one side. (If you accidentally mess up, well, that's a snack for the chef!)

On the half of the cookie that has icing, use a knife to carve out the hollows of the cheeks, hollows for the eyes and nose, and scratch out the mouth with a couple quick lines. Place mini chocolate chips in the eyeholes, then add them to the plate. In the half of the cookie that doesn't have icing, use a toothpick to drizzle your melted white chocolate in mummy-like strips, as if the cookie is being wrapped up in gauze. Pop mini chocolate chip eyes into the frosting, and you're ready to go.

Bloody Good Grilled Cheese

It's pretty much your typical grilled cheese, but with an added twist. Before you toast your bread, use a knife to carve a vampire face into one of the slices. Xs will do for eyes, and for a mouth, all you need is a straight line with two fangs hanging down. Then, make your grilled cheese as normal. Once done, plop it back on the plate, face side up.

You can use ketchup to emphasize the crossed out eyes and the "bloody" fangs. You can also keep some ketchup to use as a dip — but we prefer dunking our grilled cheese into a gory bowl of blood, aka tomato soup. Our little sandwich vampire is ready to drink it all up.

Ooey Gooey Spiders

Mix up your peanut butter pretzel plate with a little powdered sugar. Start by spooning peanut butter into a bowl. If your peanut butter is thick, you'll only need a little powdered sugar to stir in. If your peanut butter is runny, you'll need a fair deal more — but add enough until, when you mix it, it starts to stick together in the center of the bowl instead of sticking to the sides.

Break four pretzel sticks into eight spider legs — four on each side of the spider — and arrange them on your plate so all the legs meet in the middle. Next, use your spoon to scoop out a small ball of your peanut butter-powdered sugar mix. Roll it into a ball using your hands, then press it onto the spot where all eight legs meet. Be quick, or the peanut butter will start to soften thanks to the heat from your palms. Press mini chocolate chip eyes onto each spider, and your creepy crawly creatures are looking good enough to eat.

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