17 of the Best Happy Thanksgiving Quotes to Share With Loved Ones

Sharing Happy Thanksgiving quotes with your loved ones is a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday. We know Thanksgiving is about expressing what gratitude means to us and appreciating our blessings with those who are nearest and dearest to us. But if you're anything like us, you might get a little tongue-tied when trying to put your feelings about the holiday into words. In that case, just let these beautiful Thanksgiving quotes do most of the talking. Trust us: They'll get the message!

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes and Images You Can Send to Family and Friends

From inspiring Thanksgiving quotes to cute Thanksgiving quotes, these sayings go above and beyond the typical greeting of well wishes. The list includes the illustrious Oprah Winfrey, for instance, who shares her words of wisdom about the crucial importance of appreciating the here-and-now rather than focusing solely on what's ahead.

Author and businessman Henry Van Dyke explains his perspective on all the key elements — kindness, gratitude, and thankfulness — that come together to make Thanksgiving such an important holiday. In other words, these Happy Thanksgiving quotes delve deep into the heart and soul of what makes this holiday special and stand out from all the rest.

If we're being honest, we could all use a little reminder from time to time about what Thanksgiving means and why we should take a break from stuffing our faces with our favorite Thanksgiving food (tasty as it is!) to take a moment to appreciate that. And we think you'll find that like many good things, you won't want to keep quiet about it. These inspiring Thanksgiving quotes are the perfect way to tell your loved ones that you're not only thinking of them, but that you also want them to appreciate the day of gratitude and blessings as much as you do. Keep scrolling for the most beautiful Happy Thanksgiving quotes for family and friends.

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