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5 Easy (and Relaxing!) Detoxes That Will Reboot Your System


Certain beauty bothers can signal that your body needs to rid itself of fluids and toxins. These five warming spa-inspired detox treatments can help!

Try a thyroid detox.

Hair loss can be a sign of a slow thyroid, but it’s easy to speed it up with a hot-stone neck massage. The motions encourage the lymphatic system to drain toxins in the thyroid. And hot stones increase circulation to promote healthy lymph flow and boost thyroid function, which also ramps up hair-growth hormones.

Try: Warm two massage stones like AKOAK Professional 10-piece Massage Hot Stone Set (Buy on Amazon, $9.98), then rub any skin-care oil onto the neck area. Next, place a stone in each hand and apply light pressure while dragging the stones in upward motions, starting from the base of the neck and moving up toward the chin for 2 minutes.

Try a skin detox.

If your skin is sensitive and red, look to a lavender-infused steam! The herb’s antiseptic properties help cleanse skin of the toxins that create an imbalance and result in rashes. “It’s also an anti-inflammatory that heals skin conditions like eczema,” says Hope Gillerman, holistic beauty expert and author of Essential Oils Every Day.

Try: Place a lavender tablet like Aura Cacia Lavender Shower Tablets (Buy on Amazon, $8.76) on the shower floor before showering. The steam activates and elevates the healing herb so it can best absorb into skin.

Try a lung detox.

The cheeks are believed to be linked to the respiratory system, so when they’re inflamed, it can mean your lungs are “stressed.” To remedy, inhale eucalyptus oil. Antimicrobial compounds in the oil cleanse the lungs of pollutants and protect them from infection, says Gillerman. Bonus: The detoxifying oil also helps reduce mucus and clears nasal passages so you can breathe easier when battling a cold.

Try: Boil a pot of water, then reduce to a low simmer and add 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil like Healing Solutions Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Buy on Amazon, $5.99). Inhale the steam for 2 minutes; let simmer for 20 more minutes to infuse air with the purifying aroma.

Try a liver detox.

Noticing an uptick in acne? A “worn-down” liver could be to blame. An easy way to target this organ: a castor oil pack, says Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, author of The New Fat Flush Plan. “Used topically, castor oil’s ricinoleic acid absorbs into skin and stimulates the liver to release backed-up fluids and trapped toxins so they can be eliminated through the body.” And placing a heat source on top helps the oil penetrate better, boosting the detoxifying benefits.

Try: Soak a washcloth in castor oil like Heritage Store Castor Oil (Buy on Amazon, $7.73), wring out excess and place on belly. Cover with plastic wrap and lie down on an old towel (the oil can stain); put a hot-water bottle on top. Relax 30 minutes, then remove wrap and rinse skin.

Try a lymph detox.

A protruding, puffy stomach is a telltale sign of a sluggish lymph system — but a seaweed mask can help. When applied to the belly, seaweed’s iodine absorbs into skin’s many layers, stimulating the lymph to push out stagnant fluids and toxins that swell the stomach. Using with warming, circulation-boosting cayenne helps expel excess fluids to de-puff the belly faster.

Try: Mix ¼ cup of seaweed powder like Herbaila Kelp Powder (Buy on Amazon, $14.49), 3 tablespoons of water and 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper powder. Rub on the stomach in circular motions for 1 minute then rinse after 15 minutes

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