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10 Essential Oils and Their Wonderful Day-Improving Benefits


It’s easy to get addicted to essential oils: they’re wonderful for diffusing lovely scents into our homes and a sense of calm within our lives. But while you may have grabbed that vial of chamomile because, well, you really adore the tea, there are actually a ton of practical uses that can ease your everyday struggles. So if you’re looking for a one-stop guide to the benefits of aromatherapy, we did the legwork and saw just how powerful those little bottles can actually be.

So what problem is plaguing you at the moment? Are you feeling exceptionally stressed at work and want something to help you calm down? Are you getting too many bug bites on the patio and need something to ward off insects? Or are you tossing and turning at night and would love something to soothe you to sleep? Whatever issue could possibly plague a woman’s life, we have an essential oil (or two, or three) ready for you. So don’t hesitate any longer, scroll down to see what oils you can use to make your life easier.

Essential Oils for Sleep


It probably isn’t shocking that chamomile oil is a good remedy for insomnia. Roman chamomile oil, in particular, is the perfect oil for allowing you to relax and get a good night’s slumber.

How to Use: There are a few different ways that you can use Roman chamomile oil. The least direct method is to simply diffuse chamomile oil next to bed, but you can also massage a drop or two into your forehead or inhale the scent in directly from the bottle.

See Also: Lavender oil, ylang ylang oil

Essential Oils for Sunburn


Overall, frankincense oil is sort of an all-purpose skin-treatment oil that’ll help you combat wrinkles, heal scars, and cure rashes. That’s because it serves as a skin regenerator, rejuvenating the damage that lies overtop our bodies. Naturally, then, it’s ideal for helping your red, raw skin get back to where it’s supposed to. Word to the wise, though: only use it on mild sunburns, don’t rely on an oil to fix severe blistering.

How to Use: The trick here is that you want to dilute your oil into something already cool and soothing, like water or (better yet) aloe oil. Once you have your mixture ready, gently apply it onto the areas of damage.

See Also: Lavender oil, peppermint oil, helichrysum oil

Essential Oils for Allergies


Peppermint oil acts as a relaxant for your body, and as such a godsend when it comes to clearing up your passages. Allergy relief starts when the oil allows you to cough and as such loosen up unwanted fluids like phlegm. It also relieves your throat, making it an ideal oil for colds and asthmas as well.

How to Use: Naturally you can diffuse peppermint oil throughout the household, but it may benefit you to tackle your allergies directly and simply take it orally. Feel free to add a drop or two of oil to your beverage.

See Also: Basil oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil

Essential Oils for Anxiety

oil bottles

Bergamot oil, which is also highly effective in raising your mood if you’re feeling depressed, is a great option when it comes to easing anxiety. The citrus is a common ingredient in Earl Grey Tea, and doesn’t that always have a calming effect when the night winds down?

How to Use: Place a few drops of Bergamot oil on the palms of your hands, and then rub them together to distribute. Then cup your hands and inhale the scent.

See Also: Lavender oil, rose oil, chamomile oil

Essential Oils for Acne


Tea Tree Oil is the big winner here: if you suffer from mild to moderate adult acne (i.e. you get stray blemishes when you’re stressed or sweaty) it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties can help clear it up quicker.

How to Use: This one’s simple: apply tea tree oil directly onto the blemish. If you’re looking to get rid of pimples on your back or chest, then dissolve a drop or two into your bathwater.

See Also: Lavender oil, oregano oil, rosemary oil

Essential Oils for Headaches

More oils

Rosemary oil is definitely worth investigating. It has a great reputation for being an all-natural painkiller, helping release muscles and improve circulation, so that makes it a solid option if your head is throbbing.

How to Use: The simplest and most direct way to gain relief from rosemary oil is to massage it directly into your temples.

See Also: Lavender oil, eucalyptus, rosemary

Essential Oils for Fleas

other oils

A lemongrass and cedar oil mixture might be the move if you want something pure to clean your pup (hopefully you don’t need to use this on yourself!) Both are powerful (albeit all-natural) insecticides, so make sure you dilute it with water!

How To Use: First you want to mix water, a few drops of lemongrass oil and few drops of cedar oil in a spray bottle. Comb through your dog’s hair to expose the flea-infested areas and spray their whole body, except for their head. Spray your hands with the mixture and then gently run them through the fur on your dog’s face. Be sure to avoid the eyes!

See Also: Citronella oil, thyme oil, lavender oil

Essential Oils for Bug Bites


Thyme and eucalyptus oil might be a good combination to use here. The thyme is the more medical element, helping stop the spread of infection, while the eucalyptus soothes the pain and itching of the bite.

How To Use: Combine a few drops of each essential oil, possibly diluting it in water if your skin happens to be sensitive. Then, apply onto the bites.

See Also: Rosemary oil, basil oil

Essential Oils for Mosquito Repellent


Lavender oil is a very fresh-smelling way to ward off pests. And though you could use it solo and apply it directly to your skin, it helps if you can dilute it and put it on as a spray.

As an aside (and you may have noticed by now) lavender oil is a wonderful all-purpose oil across the board, so it’s worth picking up a bottle no matter what you plan on using it for.

How To Use: Mix lavender oil and grapefruit oil in a spray bottle (water optional) and spritz all over your skin.

See Also: Citronella oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil

Essential Oils for Weight Loss


Lemon oil feels like an obvious pick since you’re probably already adding lemon juice to glasses of water six times a day (if only that made dieting easier!). It’ll not only help break down body fat, but it’ll keep you in an up mood while you’re trying to shed those pounds.

How To Use: Easy: add a drop or two of lemon oil to your beverages, or blend it into your salad dressing.

See Also: Grapefruit oil, ginger oil, cinnamon oil

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