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The Best Kratom for Anxiety: 5 Products to Help You Destress

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You might not have heard of it — yet. But kratom is among the rising stars of the natural supplement world.


The substance offers a great all-natural alternative for helping ward off anxiety, in an increasingly stressed-out world who’s more focused now on mental health than ever.

But that’s not all it can do! Kratom can equally-as-deftly help with everything from pain relief; to better sleep; to more energy in the morning — proving some substances really do have the power to do it all.

But before buying into the burgeoning kratom trend wholesale, there’s a lot to learn about where the plant comes from and what it can do.

What are the best kratom for anxiety products in 2023?

Kratom may come with a number of benefits, but the market it’s sold in is another story.

Natural supplements can be frustrating to shop for in general, and as such a new product on the market, kratom in particular can be hard to scout out. And when you’re looking for something to help relieve anxiety, the last thing you need to add to your plate is a stressful trip through an internet quagmire.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best kratom products for anxiety in 2023, including:

Keep reading to see how we put this list together, why we liked these products so much, and all the ways kratom can help round out your anti-anxiety routine.

What is Kratom?

In the world of natural supplements, kratom is one of the newer kids on the block, but what Western consumers are only starting to learn about has been used by people around the world for centuries.

Kratom got its start in Southeast Asia, the product of a tree that goes by the same name—which is also a distant cousin of the coffee plant. (Talk about good genes!)

And much like that favored morning drink, one of kratom’s main uses over the years has been helping people generate energy. Indonesian locals would traditionally chew on kratom leaves to produce this brightening effect, or, more often, boil the leaves into a tea, where their bitter taste could be overridden, or further hidden with a honey or nectar sweetener.

Still, energy isn’t the only trick kratom has up its sleeve. The fascinating chemistry behind the plant product can also lend itself to a number of relieving effects, with kratom capable of relieving anxiety, alleviating chronic pain, or just generally helping people relax.

But to get the effect you’re looking for, there is a little bit of math involved. With kratom, the ratio you take is everything, with smaller amounts typically tied to more energetic feelings and higher doses generally linked to the more relaxing side of the spectrum.

Regardless, the plant is typically prepared by collecting and drying out the tree’s leaves, then crushing them into a fine powder, which can be added to capsules, mixed into foods or drinks, or taken on its own.

Different Types of Kratom Strains

But the way those leaves are processed can also make a big impact.

Much like hemp, there are a number of different varieties of kratom tree, all of which carry their own inherent medicinal properties. And the way these different varieties of leaves are dried and fermented can influence everything, from the color of the kratom powder it creates to the final product’s overriding effect.

Generally, kratom is categorized by its color, with varieties that include:

White Kratom

There are a number of different kratom strains that fall under the white kratom umbrella, typically named for the color of the veins in the leaves.

But in general, this bunch is considered to pack the biggest punch in the kratom world. In other words, white kratom is usually considered the most potent form of the powder.

But that doesn’t mean its effects can’t be gentle. Many companies will formulate their kratom capsules with just enough of the stuff to still induce a smaller impact, leaving it up to users whether they want to up the ante by taking more pills.

Green Kratom

Green kratom has a number of notable features.

This version of the plant is generally associated with the speedier effects the product can bring on, and often used to boost energy, though taking the right amount of green kratom can also lead to relaxation and even better sleep.

But what makes it particularly impactful is how long green kratom powder stays in the system. The right dose of green kratom capsules can last up to 8 hours, thanks to its slow-moving molecules.

There are a few types of green kratom strains, including green malay kratom and green maeng da kratom.

Red Kratom

Kratom can be considered red either due to the veins in its leaves or the way it’s processed.

Deep red kratom powder usually comes from leaves that have been dried longer than other types of kratom. And while this variety of the substance can also lend itself to boosts of energy, it’s much more strongly associated with the relaxing effects kratom brings to the table.

There are a few types of red kratom strains, including red bali kratom and red maeng da kratom.

Gold Kratom

Sort of the hybrid of the kratom world, this unique varietal is produced entirely through the fermentation process. Red veined kratom leaves are put through a special drying process that, in the end, turns them a shade of their namesake color.

Benefits of Using Kratom for Anxiety

 Using kratom to help alleviate anxiety has a number of benefits.

While there are a number of prescription medications that have been approved to help anxiety disorders or boost overall mood, many of these can carry their own set of troubling side-effects. Plus, getting a subscription requires going to a doctor, and maintaining one can be costly.

Many people like the idea of kratom as a natural alternative to help them relax. And some studies on its use have confirmed that for many users, the right dose can lead to a sense of calm, deeper relaxation, and even mood elevation.

Unlike many prescription medications, kratom also has a number of other potential benefits up its sleeve that isn’t just about mental health. Aside from using kratom for anxiety, the plant product has also been linked to helping ward off pain, including everything from chronic pain to more mundane stomach aches and headaches. And when used in smaller doses, it’s also known to have an energy boosting effect which brings with it, according to some users, a slight sense of euphoria.

Kingdom Kratom Red Malay Kratom Capsules

Best Overall Kratom for Anxiety
Best Kratom for Anxiety
Kingdom Kratom

Buy from Kingdom Kratom, starting at $18.99

Why we like it:

  • Made specifically for those with high stress or anxiety levels
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Variety of sizes available

Interested in the potential of curbing anxiety with kratom? This product offers a great introductory opportunity to the all-natural supplement.

That’s because Kingdom Kratom’s capsules are formulated with just the right ratio of the stuff to give you options: One pill can help boost your energy, and two can help calm you down. Regardless, either dose can help brighten up your mood since these capsules are made to help those with anxiety symptoms.

The secret is the red kratom used in these premium kratom capsules. The variety of the plant is well-regarded as its most relaxing form, yet one that still brings a certain sense of heightened energy to the mix.

And Kingdom Kratom also goes out of its way to source its products from organic farms in Indonesia, to help ensure the product is made not only well but ethically.


  • Strength: 550 miligrams/capsule
  • Serving: 1-2 capsules
  • Recommended Usage: Take recommended serving as-needed, with water

What Customers Love: Customers couldn’t seem to stop lavishing compliments on these kratom capsules, crediting them with everything from adding more pep in their step to bringing them a deeper state of relaxation than they’d previously known. Many also noted that the formula helped with their chronic pain.

Just Kratom Green Malay Kratom Capsules

Best kratom capsules for anxiety
Best Kratom Products for Sleep
Just Kratom

Buy from Just Kratom, starting at $6.99

Why we like it:

  • Third-party lab tested
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Versatile (Used for energy or relaxation)

With their Green Malay product, Just Kratom offers up one of the premium kratom capsules on the market.

The company is careful to ensure their product goes through vigorous third-party laboratory testing before it ever hits the shelves, which eliminates the possibility of harmful toxins making their way into the final product, helping relieve any stress off the bat.

But where these capsules really have an advantage is in their lingering effect. Green kratom is known to take the longest for the body to process, and the right dosage can offer help for hours at a time.

Plus, if you ever want to experiment with kratom’s other uses, the formulation of this pill makes it easy to try the recommended dose for energy—or stick with the higher doses needed to relieve anxiety.


  • Strength: 500 milligrams/capsule
  • Serving: 1-3 capsules
  • Recommended Use: Take 1 capsule for energy; 2 for relaxation; 3 to bring on sleep

What Customers Love: Customers were thrilled with the versatility of this green malay kratom product, with many saying they started using these kratom capsules for stress, but found themselves enjoying them for a morning pep-up, too. And the lasting effects of the green kratom also did not go unnoticed by commenters.

Super Speciosa Green Bali Kratom Tablets

Best Kratom Tablets for Anxiety
Best Kratom for Anxiety
Super Speciousa

Buy from Super Speciousa, $59.99

Why we like it:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices-certified
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Long-lasting effects

If your anxiety comes on in less-than-predictable waves, it’s a good idea to have a solution handy. And these kratom tablets could be just the thing.

Formulated with green kratom, the mix leans more toward the energetic side, but when taken in the right amount, green kratom can also contribute to some of the most calming and peaceful effects the plant has to offer. Plus, green kratom takes the longest for the body to process, leaving its blissful effects lingering all the while.

And in terms of finding a brand you can trust, Super Speciosa checks all the boxes. The company has been in the kratom business a long time, and was one of the first businesses in the industry to be certified for Good Manufacturing Practices, meaning all of its products are produced in facilities that meet high government standards.


  • Strength: 300 milligrams/tablet
  • Serving: 1-2 tablets
  • Recommended Usage: Take as needed, with water

What Customers Love: Users of these tablets loved how powerful and effective they were, with some musing how they lived before taking these. Others were enthralled with how quickly the package managed to get to their door.

Top Extracts Kali Red Horn Kratom Powder

Best Kratom Powder for Anxiety
Best Kratom for Anxiety
Top Extracts

Buy from Top Extracts, starting at $24.50

Why we like it:

  • Third-party lab tested
  • Sourced from Indonesian Free-Trade farms
  • Good Manufacturing Practices-certified

If you’d prefer to get your kratom for anxiety boost directly from your diet, this kratom powder may be the ultimate solution.

The versatile powder can be mixed into any number of foods or drinks, making it not only an effective way to combat anxiety, but a tasty one. Plus, the Top Extracts formula comes with a number of other benefits.

The red kratom variety used by the company is known for its sedative effects, which are better suited than other types of kratom for encouraging relaxation. And Top Extracts is ethically-minded to boot, sourcing its kratom from local farms in Kalimantan, Indonesia, where farmers are paid a fair wage for their labors and crops.

On top of all that, Top Extracts also ensures their kratom powder is tested by a third-party lab, so users can rest assured that what they’re using is everything it promises to be, in terms of quality and safety.


  • Strength: 113 grams per jar/1 gram per scoop
  • Serving: 1 scoop
  • Recommended Usage: Mix 1 scoop into 8 ounces of liquid

What Customers Love: Customers loved the unique format of this kratom powder and all the possibilities it introduced for bringing the product into their routine. Many also said that the final mix had a great balance, keeping them calm while simultaneously offering a gentle source of energy.

Kats Botanicals Ashwagandha + Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Best all-around kratom product
Best Kratom for Anxiety
Kats Botanicals

Buy from Kats Botanicals, $15.99

Why we like it:

  • Third-party lab tested
  • Vegan-friendly
  • All-natural ingredients

If you’re struggling with anxiety and haven’t yet heard of ashwagandha, it’s a good time to get introduced.

The medicinal herb is a fundamental part of the Indian practice of Ayurveda, which strives to help create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And while it has a number of beneficial properties, Ashwagandha has been used for centuries to help ward off anxiety.

Co-starring in this product with the long-tested, trusted, and effective herb is apple cider vinegar, which brings its own slew of feel-good effects to the table.

ACV is primarily known as a digestive aid, and an overall boon to gut health. And studies are increasingly finding that gut health and emotional wellbeing are intrinsically linked.

But perhaps the most worry-relieving aspect of these gummies is that they’re third-party tested, to guarantee they’re free of any harmful toxins.


  • Strength: 300 milligrams Ashwagandha, 500 mg apple cider vinegar/gummy
  • Serving: 2 gummies
  • Recommended Usage: Take daily in the evening

What Customers Love: Customers were thrilled to have a product they could take every day that would not only help ward off their fears, but keep their tummies happy to boot. Many reported an indescribable feeling of overall wellness when taking this supplement.

How We Chose Our Winners

Kratom currently sits in a strange gray area when it comes to consumerism.

While the products remain legal to sell in all but a handful of states and regions, they aren’t regulated by any federal agencies — despite their health-impacting effects. And while that lack of oversight may benefit sellers, it can be a reason for pause for would-be buyers.

That’s why it’s particularly important to read through fine print and look through backgrounds to ensure each product — and brand — is committed to doing the right thing, whether or not the government is checking their work. And if all of that sounds like too much of a hassle, don’t worry: We’ve already done all that work for you!

Quality Sourcing and Processing

When judging any natural supplements, you have to dig much deeper than the final product that appears on the shelves. There are a number of crucial steps that happen before these kratom products ever make it to packaging that make a big difference in whether you may want anything to do with them.

Where and how kratom is sourced is first among these factors. While kratom capsules and kratom powders all make their start as kratom leaves and trees, there are a number of ways to farm and care for these plants—and not all of them are desirable.

Companies committed to sourcing kratom from farming operations that stay away from nasty or noxious chemicals will most likely offer a much cleaner product. And concern over the ethics behind the crop is also growing, so it’s a good sign to see a company willing to work with free trade farms.

But how kratom is harvested is only the first step. Processing the plant can be equally impactful—and carry just as many concerns. In this vein, brands that incorporate Good Manufacturing Practices or meet other similarly trustworthy benchmarks are the ones to look out for.


Again, the world of natural supplements is almost entirely unregulated by government agencies, making the sector a free market in more ways than one.

Without any oversight, it’s easy to slip anything into a product you want. And without fear of repercussions, you can tour the final formula as anything you want.

Science does have a solution to this problem, in a number of laboratory tests that can be used to determine whether a kratom powder is actually made of what it says it is — and whether any harmful toxins have snuck their way into the mix.

Still, these types of tests are legally still voluntary at this point. But some companies will go out of their way to ensure their products make it under the microscope, to ensure safety and quality.

Sending out for tests at all is a notable sign of good faith in a company; posting the results online even moreso. And having the tests performed by a third-party laboratory helps ensure the process is as honest and transparent as possible.


Even if a natural supplement is reasonably priced, anything you’d potentially be adding into a regular regimen could end up being costly in the end. And while spending money on something that’s truly going to benefit your life is fine, most people aren’t so excited about the idea of putting down cash on an ineffective product.

Short of trying every kratom product personally, it can be slightly tricky to check for efficiency. Still, there are some breadcrumb trails that can help lead to certain conclusions, including test results, and consumer reviews. Reading ingredients lists — and then checking them against the current scientific theory — is another way to try to hold a company accountable to the products it produces.

Ingredient Integrity

While kratom is the star ingredient in these products, it’s not always the only thing added to kratom powders, kratom capsules, and other products.

Checking on the quality of the kratom is important, but equally so is ensuring anything else that makes its way onto the ingredients list is equally up to par.

Potential Side Effects of Using Kratom for Anxiety

While many of the advantages of kratom are slowly but surely being borne out through science, research into the product has led to a number of other, less-than-desirable effects it has the potential to bring on.

In several studies, kratom has been linked to a number of milder effects, including loss of appetite, drowsiness, confusion, itching, sweating, nausea, constipation or increased urination.

Troublingly, the product has also been connected to a few more serious effects, including seizures in some users, as well as extreme weight loss and mild hallucinations. Still, these effects have been reported mostly anecdotally, and more research must be done to draw any significant connection between the plant and the symptoms.

 Kratom has also been listed by the Drug Enforcement Agency as a drug and chemical of concern. This is mostly due to the way kratom can interact with the brain in higher doses, when it acts in similar ways to many opioids.

While this is likely what gives the drug its ache-relieving impact, as with other painkillers, it also has the potential to lead to addiction. A small number of studies on the plant’s addictive properties have also borne out this concern.

How to Take Kratom Safely

That’s not to say kratom can’t be taken in a safe and helpful way.

As with all supplements, natural or otherwise, there are a number of techniques that can help kratom users keep the experience as positive as possible.

Chief among these concepts is sticking to an appropriate dosage. Still, this can also prove somewhat tricky.

Kratom is particularly hard to pin down when it comes to doses, as different amounts of the stuff can lead to different desired effects. (Smaller amounts tend to bring more of an energetic impact, while larger doses are responsible for its relaxing effects.)

Nearly all reputable brands will have a recommended dosage of their particular product, and it’s generally good advice to follow these suggestions. But it’s equally important to remember that each person is unique, carrying their own individual physiology that can impact the overall effect of the plant. And everything from the strain of kratom to the individual product’s potency can also play a role in proper dosage.

That’s why, when trying out new supplements, many experts will recommend the idea of going slow and steady. It’s even thought beneficial to start at half the company’s recommended dosage at first, to get an idea of how the substance interacts with your particular body. After a few tries at this lower dose, slowly building up the amount taken can help find the sweet spot where the product feels like it works for you best.

And of course, educating yourself on what you’re taking and why is always a good idea. A little bit of research into a product or even a specific brand can go a long way toward creating an overall safer experience.


When it comes to natural supplements in general, and kratom in particular, people usually have a number of questions about the product’s overall health, safety and effect.

Is kratom the same as CBD?

No. Kratom and CBD are two entirely different substances.

They do have some things in common. Both kratom and CBD are regularly used to relieve anxiety or alleviate pain. But the substances are derived from two different plants, and produce these effects in the body in completely different ways.

Kratom comes from a variety of pine trees in Southeast Asia, with kratom powders and kratom capsules produced by drying out and grinding up the tree’s leaves. As a supplement, the product can bring on both energy and more sedative effects, depending on how much is taken, and it achieves this effect by interacting directly with certain receptors in the brain.

On the other hand, CBD—full name: cannabidiol—comes from the hemp plant. As a single chemical component among hundreds of similar cannabinoids in the plant, CBD must be specifically extracted in the processing phase. It produces its anxiety-relieving effect by interacting with a system in the body called the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining a sense of internal balance.

Can I take kratom every day?

You most likely shouldn’t.

While kratom is still being actively studied throughout the United States and the world — and a number of prominent groups, including the National Institute on Drug Abuse, has called for further research into the plant’s medicinal possibilities—some previous research on the plant suggests that it could lead to dependency after daily use.

To avoid this potential issue, it’s recommended instead to take kratom on an as-needed basis for energy, or pain or anxiety relief. But you may also want to consult your physician before adding kratom—or any other herbal supplement—into your regular regimen.

Will kratom make me high?

It could.

Kratom is considered a psychoactive substance, due to the way it interacts with the brain’s mechanisms for producing perception. The overall effect may feel like a sense of euphoria, or the classic “high” many people associate with weed.

Generally, however, this only happens when the substance is abused by kratom users, or taken in excessive quantities. Sticking to lower doses makes it much less likely to feel this effect.

Kratom can be a tricky subject, for a number of reasons. But one thing’s for sure, the product is getting more popular all the time—and for good reason.

Kratom has the ability to offer any number of all-natural benefits, from pepping you up to calming you down. But to get the most out of what you’ve got, you should put some research into it, too.

Looking into not only the product but the companies selling it can help sort out a lot of questions. And you may also want to consult your doctor about adding kratom to you regular routine.

But if you come to the conclusion that you’d like to start, the quality of any of these products should give you peace of mind.


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