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4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally


Who doesn’t want to sail through spring feeling energetic, calm, and clearheaded? That’s what balancing blood sugar can do! Doing so can be as easy as flushing out the environmental toxins that lead to blood-sugar spikes. What’s more, a study in The Lancet reveals that balancing blood sugar cuts Covid complications by 65 percent!

Paint by numbers.

Great news from University of Utah scientists: Taking 20 minutes daily to unwind with your favorite calming activity boosts your body’s toxin release in 48 hours. Make it a habit, and you’ll heighten blood-sugar control by 45 percent in a month! That’s because relaxation activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which ups the liver’s production of detoxification enzymes and helps the pancreas release sugar-controlling insulin.

Jump like a kid.

Permission to act like a kid again! Bouncing on a mini trampoline or a rebounder is the best way to flush your lymphatic system of toxins, says Jamé Heskett, MD, author of The Well Path. The rhythmic, up-and-down motion of rebounding encourages trapped fluids and wastes to flow to your liver for disposal. No wonder Italian scientists say 10 minutes of rebounding daily boosts blood sugar control by up to 25 percent for 24 hours.

Bask in a daily soak.

When you climb out of a steamy bath, do you need to empty your bladder? That’s a good thing! The heat and pressure of warm water against your skin stimulates muscle contractions that pump trapped fluids to your kidneys, tripling the flow of wastes and toxins out of your body. Soak for 20 minutes daily, and British researchers say you’ll flush toxins and boost blood sugar control by 30 percent in two weeks.

Sprinkle on cinnamon.

The spice you add to your oatmeal or muffins helps block the absorption of environmental toxins in your digestive tract, plus switches on blood sugar–burning enzymes in your muscle cells. This cuts the risk of insulin resistance by 45 percent and boosts blood-sugar control by 29 percent in six weeks, per research in Diabetes Care. Adds study co-author Al Khan, PhD, as little as a quarter-teaspoon of cinnamon daily is all it takes.

This article originally appeared in our print magazine.

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