Flu Season Has Caused a ‘Critical’ Blood Donation Shortage


There are many downsides to a brutally cold winter and an unforgiving flu season. This year, one of them is blood donation shortage. Now, the American Red Cross is calling the situation “critical.”

“Due to the winter storm season, due to the cold and flu season, there’s been a major shortage across the nation,” said Red Cross spokesperson Krystal Smith. “We had to cancel over 550 blood drives just in this month alone.”

The winter weather events have caused the Red Cross to miss out on more than 16,000 blood donations so far; we can only imagine how many more donations were missed due to eligible donors feeling too sick to even leave their homes, much less donate their blood.

Of course, it’s understandable why blood drives haven’t been able to collect as many donations during this particularly challenging time of year — but patients are still in need of transfusions, no matter what the weather is like and what season it is. Some hospital patients in especially difficult situations may even need multiple transfusions per day.

It’s an urgent situation all around, but the good news is that people who are able to donate blood and who are not suffering from the flu this season have even more reason to help out with an enormously important cause. If that sounds like you, know that taking a small part out of your day may have a huge impact on someone else’s day — or even their life.

If you’re eligible to donate blood and if you’re feeling well enough to venture outside, enter your zip code here now to find blood drives near you. Every donation counts!


Next, learn some quick ways to warm up a cold home quickly in the video below:

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