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Soothe Painful Heartburn With Effective Natural Remedies


Prone to heartburn and in search of some natural remedies? Keeping your use of acid-controlling meds to a minimum is a smart way to lower your risk of dementia, brittle bones, and a weakened immune system by 31 percent! Why? Because letting your gut control its own acid production ensures that you digest foods properly and can easily absorb essential nutrients. Does that mean you should just put up with heartburn discomfort? No way! Instead, prevent it by:

Stopping flare-ups with melatonin. Taking 3 milligrams of melatonin at bedtime reduces heartburn flare-ups for 83 percent of women in two months, making it as effective as prescription-strength Zantac, reported the journal BMC Gastroenterology. Although best known as a sleep aid, melatonin also repairs and strengthens the valve that stops stomach acid from washing up into the esophagus, explained study co-author Amany Mousa, M.D.

Speeding healing with raw honey. Enjoying 1 tablespoon of unpasteurized honey daily—ideally right before bed—can relieve heartburn within minutes and can trigger healing of any hurt tissues in your throat, Australian research revealed. Unpasteurized honey quickly neutralizes any stomach acid in your throat and is rich in tissue-soothing enzymes.

Taming inflammation with turmeric. Sprinkling 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric on your food daily makes heartburn episodes less frequent and less severe in as little as two weeks, suggested research in the journal Gut. Turmeric reduces damaging inflammation in the stomach and esophagus, which improves digestion and helps prevent acid backwash, explained study co-author Ki Hahm, M.D.

Speeding stomach emptying with almonds. Eating four almonds after each meal and each snack prevents heartburn as effectively as OTC medications! As Stanford University scientists explained, the blend of healthy fats and minerals in almonds speeds stomach emptying, which reduces pressure on the sensitive tummy valve between your stomach and throat. Or, you may also consider essential oils for heartburn relief.

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